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    Farewell to the Queen of the Skies

    Here's are some highlights of my history with the 747 (I may do the 380 in, ahem, another thread): 1996: El Al, JFK-TLV; -200 outbound and -400 return. The -400 had seatback video screens which we thought were the coolest. Probably about the size of my phone screen now. 2000: BA EWR-LHR...
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    Tokyo Airports experiences

    Yeah, I did that once because the commuter train was leaving right away and the next Skyliner was a half hour later. Halfway to the city we held at a station while the Skyliner whizzed past. Oops!
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    Brightline Orlando extension

    And of course there are rental cars available at MCO, more conveniently that at most train stations in the US.
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    Rumors about Amtrak move to the MIC at Miami International Airport

    Also much better connection to the local bus network. The existing station appears to be served by two bus routes, compared to 9 or so that stop at the intermodal center including the express service to South Beach.
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    Deutsche Bahn has joined the Star Alliance. Should Amtrak follow?

    By booking as a connection on a single ticket, though, there's protection against flight delays. If the incoming flight is late, just get on the next train instead of throwing away the SuperSparpreis ticket and paying a full fare.
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    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    It's part of the new livery. :)
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    Miami,FLA Info Needed

    From the terminals, the MIA Mover goes to the Intermodal Station which has the rental car center, buses, Tri-Rail, Metrorail, and (maybe someday hopefully but don't hold your breath) Amtrak. Tri-Rail runs north to West Palm Beach; Metrorail goes to downtown and South Miami, and (with a...
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    Lincoln service speed limit increased

    This speed limit table from 1960 shows 100 mph between Champaign and Branch Jct (Centralia). That's 120+ miles with hardly any curves. CLASSIC HIGH SPEED
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    Will snow delay/stall trains?

    Status shows 1105 departing DEN at 905a, but it was in the station at 905p when I arrived on 1106. We were delayed about an hour due to following 1105 the last few miles as it backed in. Hopefully it's on it's way again by now. Climbing the front range at night in a blizzard might not be as...
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    Sleeper train revival in Europe

    For example, Munich to Vienna takes just over 4 hours by Railjet, but the EuroNight stretches the schedule to 7 hours with an extended stop in Salzburg. I found it more difficult to sleep during the stop without the gentle rocking of the train in motion, and the window shades weren't quite...
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    Historical Amtrak service to Central Ohio

    For clarity, there are actually two Broadway routes west of Pittsburgh. The original PRR route was Canton, Crestline, Lima, and Ft. Wayne. The 1990 reroute of the Broadway to the B&O line included Akron, Fostoria, Garrett (dropped when the Three Rivers started), and Nappanee. It's the old PRR...
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    City of New Orleans routing

    Pullman Rail Journeys on the CONO was in the 2014-2015 time frame, IIRC.
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    Amtrak Hubs

    Perhaps the major endpoint stations like LAX and NOL could be referred to as terminals, and smaller connecting points such as FTW, STL, PGH as "transfer stations" since that is their network function. The term "focus city" is used in the airline industry to denote an airport where service is...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Depending on one's class of service, that may be the Sightseer Lounge or the Sleeper Lounge. :cool:
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    American Airlines and a new CEO?

    Anderson could be quite successful at AA, having headed DL and NW. My first thought on seeing the thread title, though, was the fear that Doug Parker might come to Amtrak. :eek:
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Cafe attendants, like the rest of the OBS crew, ride the entire route. They do not get off the train at an intermediate stop and go home; they have a roomette to sleep in. Keep in mind that they started in New Orleans before 7 (it sounds like you were riding the Crescent northbound), so by the...
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    Seating Protocol

    That must have been a really long time ago; I think the CL only served Lima during the time it was a section of the Broadway. But it does bring up an interesting point, because they do a similar thing currently when boarding in Chicago (and probably also in WAS, though I haven't ridden that...
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    Seating Protocol

    A low budget solution would be to use card stock of a different color to indicate seats to be kept free for passengers boarding down the line at a specific station. Instead of a seat check these could be called a "pre check" except that name is already sort of taken. They could be preprinted...
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    Will Silver Star sleeper pricing go up next year?

    Which raises the question, why is she fat? Surely not from dining on board the Silver Starvation....
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    Looks like USA isn't the only place with train problems

    Better a slightly longer ride (from BER to the city) on a train than a shorter ride (from TXL to the city) on a bus, which is often even more ridiculously overcrowded than the airport.