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    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    Was there in the morning (too early for a drink) just after the new year. It appeared a gentleman was setting up to open at noon downstairs just beyond where snacks are laid out.
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    Capitol Corridor 3/21/23: Train Derailment

    Thank you for posting, Allanorn.
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    New Member

    Quickly disabusing me of this notion has been one of the first benefits of this forum -- along with the hand-written spreadsheet of buckets (holy smokes!) and the affirming general love of being on a train. I'm sure there will be much more. Thanks for the welcome, Trollopian.
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    New Member

    Thanks, pennyk. I've already enjoyed a couple of your posts.
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    New Member

    Got caught in the Holiday '22 airline debacle and spun it into a return trip west on the California Zephyr (with wonderful fresh snow through both Colorado and the Sierra Nevadas & a couple of bald eagle sightings). Now looking for other opportunities to move about by train. Will return east...