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  1. Willbridge

    Denver from MSP

    It used to be that customers figured out an intermodal trip, but bus service has been cut back from four trips to two and Osceola no longer has a bus agent. The Osceola bus stop is two miles to the Amtrak station, at a Pilot truck stop.
  2. Willbridge

    Train Ride to Paradise - 1966

    Although U.S. rail passenger service was handed off to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) in 1971, the private system's last days as a useful network may be marked on the calendar from the national airline strike in July-August 1966 and the end of the Railway Mail Service in...
  3. Willbridge

    Reistrup questions safety of Amfleet equipment on NEC at 125 mph.

    It doesn't directly mention Reistrup's proposal to divert the new cars planned for the Cascades.
  4. Willbridge

    Rave by Rain

    The Coast Starlight in that era...
  5. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    Spring break and religious holidays traffic fills up all the "new" capacity for Sunday, March 26th: Here's the PDX to SEA line-up as of Wednesday night: 0800 FB $69 0820 AT SO/SO 1020 FB $69 1045 GL $54 1200 AT SO/SO 1230 FB $69 1500 FB $59 1505 AT SO/SO 1556 AT SO/--/$206 1845 FB $44 1925 AT...
  6. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    On Tuesday night at 2215 PDT, almost everything on PDX>SEA for next Sunday, March 26th is sold out. The only openings from PDX to SEA are $206 roomettes on Train 14 and the highest buckets coach and business class on clean-up Train 508. SEA to PDX still has openings in coach on all trains, but...
  7. Willbridge

    Proposed Calgary to Banff passenger train

    Turn up the volume and hear promises for Edmonton<>Calgary service.
  8. Willbridge

    Splitting ticket between coach and sleeper

    That's also a way of getting around sold out sections. The first time I rode the Cardinal I went Newark>Clifton Forge in coach and then in sleeper to Chicago. EWR>CHI was showing sold out.
  9. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley

    This was outside of the Willamette Valley, but in 1973 when I was working on the start-up KFS transit bus service, the project manager bought a big German Shepherd. He was receiving phone calls of a disturbing nature, with caller/s referring to "mass transit" as a Communist thing. Eventually...
  10. Willbridge

    The Tren Maya (Mayan Train) in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico

    NPR carried a combined COVID/Mayan Train story. As usual there are a lot of aspects to this. BBC explains the politics and concludes that...
  11. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley

    Amtrak adds about five minutes if they insert a stop. Of course, if a line is electrified and has high level platforms less is needed. One solution might be bus service. I looked up the run times for a EUG<>ALB bus via 99E and in the 1970's it was 61 to 72 minutes. [Limited trains of the...
  12. Willbridge

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    If the wheelchair access can be worked out, all the past experience indicates that the public likes domes. In the Portland<>Seattle pool the customers drove NP and GN people to despair, wondering why they couldn't have domes on their trains like the UP. In Portland Union Station the UP...
  13. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    I've been checking and it looks as though the additional cars mentioned above have been added, because coach space is available on some trains each day. Some trains are even going for fares less than the top bucket. Business Class still is squeezed.
  14. Willbridge

    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    It was basically the VIA Rail concept, in which well-off foreign tourists cruise a couple of times a week on a single, well-polished service, The rest of the country can go to...
  15. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley

    Harrisburg on 99E has always been a loser in the intercity bus service because OSU and Corvallis on 99W are more attractive. Stopping a train there would be another test of whether it is worthwhile being the top dog in a small market, versus catering to larger populations where there is...
  16. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    I've been inspected for contraband food while driving across the border into Montana at backwater crossings. I suspect it gave the agents something to do. I had read the rules, so had no problem.
  17. Willbridge

    High fares and sell-outs on Cascades

    By coincidence I was sitting facing rear in the only time I've ever been on a train that was in a crossing accident. It was the most comfortable emergency stop that I've ever experienced.
  18. Willbridge

    New member from Sweden

    I did the opposite of Oregon Pioneer's great trip. In August 1970 I rode the ferry from Copenhagen over to Malmo and had dinner with my date in the Opera House restaurant and then caught the hydrofoil back. The main thing that I recall is the shock to American eyes of seeing teenagers cruising...
  19. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley

    They are also at different "stations" in Eugene and Seattle. And the schedules were written by people in Los Angeles for Flix and in Dallas for Greyhound. The Greyhound trips are locked into connecting times with their national network. The Flix buses are scheduled to beat Amtrak. We should...
  20. Willbridge

    Various short trips around the Willamette Valley

    Some notes: -- The Gate Numbers seen briefly at the start of the video were installed for a movie. As it was set in a bigger city, the original Gate Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were upgraded! -- On the first version of regional service in the Willamette Valley there were stops at East Milwaukie and...