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  1. MisterUptempo

    Metra signs contract for new passenger cars

    A small, but interesting, note about something I missed in December, 2022. Metra, on its Instagram page, allowed the public to vote on two possible exterior paint schemes for its Coradia Multilevel cars. Here they are- After allowing voting for a week, the "Switching Design" easily beat...
  2. MisterUptempo

    Metra to convert locomotives to battery power

    Can't say I'm surprised, or upset, frankly, by this development. More of the story at As an aside, a presentation by Metra's Jim Derwinski, before Metra and Progress Rail reached the current impasse, appears to indicate the routes where the testing of the battery locos would, and...
  3. MisterUptempo

    2023 Outlook for the Intercity Bus Industry in the United States

    The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University has issued a new paper entitled, "New Directions: 2023 Outlook for the Intercity Bus Industry in the United States". Thought some of the bus travel advocates here might find the information useful. Here is a link to...
  4. MisterUptempo

    More Greyhound cutbacks and comparison with airlines

    While Greyhound still has a couple of years to find a solution, it appears that, like in other cities recently, the Greyhound station near Chicago Union Station will be sold out from under them. The rest of the story can be found at Crain's Chicago Business (paywalled).
  5. MisterUptempo

    Quad cities train in news

    From the Quad Cities Times- Read more at the Quad Cities Times-
  6. MisterUptempo

    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    I don't know if your acquaintance attended the Amtrak board meeting in December, 2022, but the Wiki entry that @Kramerica linked to cites the transcript of that meeting. The portion that discusses the route name and start date is as follows- I appreciate the explanation behind the naming of...
  7. MisterUptempo

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    The only way that moving the tracks lower would work is if one of two things happens- 1) Amtrak builds a new station building at 300 South Riverside Plaza As your graphic of Union Station's layout clearly shows, the two platforms that would be formed from the unused mail platform do not and...
  8. MisterUptempo

    Future Amtrak sleeper ideas

    More renderings of Norske Tog's new Stadler Flirtnex sleepers. Kids' play area- Bike storage area- Bistro car-
  9. MisterUptempo

    Future Amtrak sleeper ideas

    I'm putting this info here, in hopes that others can discuss the merits of these new sleeper trains and what features should make it into new Amtrak sleepers- The whole story can be found here. -These trainsets will be built off Stadler's Flirt200 platform. -Potentially, EMU and EDMU sets will...
  10. MisterUptempo

    “Secret” lounge at Chicago Union Station

    I believe that is what has been referred to as the Hiawatha Lounge, which had been the location of the Metropolitan Lounge before it was relocated to the Great Hall. It's usually open only to those Hiawatha passengers who have purchased a monthly or ten-ride ticket on the route. I'd like to...
  11. MisterUptempo


    It's inside the BMO building, on the ground floor, and overlooks the pleasant little park to the west. Closed on weekends and only open 7A-8P M-F. In addition to the sit-down restaurant, they also have a market space to grab-and-go. Also, last year, in the warm months, the building management...
  12. MisterUptempo

    Chicago Union Station experiences

    CTA's 126-Jackson route will get you from Union Station to Our Lady of Sorrows in about 20 minutes. Depending on the time of day, the 126 runs every 12-20 minutes. If the CTA Downtown Map is correct, you'll pick up the 126 on the north side of Adams (north side of the Great Hall), between Canal...
  13. MisterUptempo

    Management issues of State funded services

    Handing over California's passenger rail system (or any state's routes) to Deutsche Bahn may not be the quick and easy panacea it appears to be at first glance, as evidenced by the disastrous performance of DB-owned Arriva Trains North in operating UK's Northern Rail. Northern was a bit of a...
  14. MisterUptempo

    FRA's Corridor ID Program and possible new routes

    ------------NEW ADDITIONS TO EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST AS OF DECEMBER 30. 2022---------------- The FRA posted a few more EOI's before year's end. 63) Mayors of Nashville & Chattanooga, TN, and Atlanta & Savannah, GA An Expression of Interest for a rail corridor connecting Nashville, TN...
  15. MisterUptempo

    FRA's Corridor ID Program and possible new routes I found the study, and it was issued by Illinois DOT, way back in May, 2022, located on the site for the East Central Intergovernmental Agency (, which represents five eastern Iowa counties, based in Dubuque. Here's a link to the homepage for ECIA's passenger rail feasibility...
  16. MisterUptempo

    FRA's Corridor ID Program and possible new routes

    Here is the link to the MNDOT PDF-
  17. MisterUptempo

    FRA's Corridor ID Program and possible new routes

    ------------NEW ADDITIONS TO EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST AS OF DECEMBER 29. 2022---------------- 56) Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) - (Kansas City Metro Area) Expressing support for the northern extension of Amtrak's Heartland Flyer to Newton, KS. MARC includes the extension in its Connected...