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    Week riding Swissrail: trip suggestions?

    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful suggestions. I am back now and many of my plans were rearranged due to almost non stop rain, but I did manage to scratch out an enjoyable train ride (along with stops at destinations) each day. Here's a rundown: 1. Z (will use "Z" to denote Zurich) to Chur...
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    Week riding Swissrail: trip suggestions?

    Everyone has been giving me wonderful ideas -- thank you! I am reading through all of them, finding them on the map, and looking them up on the SBB app (where applicable) to see if it's a day trip from Zurich ( I am staying with some friends there most nights) or an overnight stay somewhere...
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    Week riding Swissrail: trip suggestions?

    I am spending a week next month (mid March) in Switzerland and will have an 8 day unlimited Swiss rail pass. Beyond the obvious well known/ tourist runs that all the guidebooks mention (e.g., Glacier Express, Belle Epoque, Jungfraujoch) does anyone have any suggestions for fun and interesting...
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    Washington DC Union Station facilities, convenience and experiences

    I'm a philatelist so I seriously enjoy having that wonderful museum close to home. It is never crowded, and one of the few groups of people who spend time there are people killing time before their train from Union Station.
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    Issues with an SCA

    I had a similar experience with a francophone Canadian when I was in Montreal a few years back. I was waiting for the city's express bus that moves you quickly from the airport to a variety of stops in the city that are convenient to hotels. All the stops were named on the map, so I asked the...
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    Auto Train: Why not more routes?

    I watched a video recently about Australia's Indian Pacific and how it transports automobiles. It would be wonderful if Amtrak could add a service like that from Chicago to the west coast. But yes, I get it. Costs and challenges.
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    The effect of the potential rail strike on Amtrak

    Or one or more railroad changes their mind about it, which is probably a more likely negative outcome since the proposed agreement seems to give the workers what they've been asking for (e.g., protection from being fired for unpaid sick days). I suspect Amtrak management will be busy today...
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    Very hostile Amtrak article

    One thing I was not aware of about air travel. I was recently waiting for a flight to leave (it was delayed a couple hours) and another passenger was naturally worried about making a connection to a small town. He said that, while there was a later flight scheduled that he expected to be on...
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    Bedroom bookable for zero points?

    I've been searching around the booking and reservation part of the Amtrak app and it seems that the zero points for a bedroom glitch has been fixed. Has anyone seen a zero points bedroom lately?
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    Hello from DC

    Hi! I've been a casual Amtrak rider for decades. I rode the NEC a lot in the 80's, but much less since then. In recent years I have ridden LD from DC to Miami and Chicago, always getting and enjoying a roomette or bedroom in the sleeping cars. I am hoping the recently approved infrastructure...