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    Employee Praise

    Thanks. Tried this different link and it worked OK. The one I'd used before is Recognize an Excellent Employee - Send Some Praise and its fill-in blocks are slightly different.
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    Atlantic Coast Service discussion

    Seems like the Valley Flyer does not operate on the weekends, at least that one.
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    Employee Praise

    Amtrak acknowledged the SUBMIT button problem with this: "Thank you for contacting us. We understand the importance of feedback from our guests and we are working to make this process even easier. We hope you will see improvements in this area in the near future. To address the concern you...
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Looks like the next round of fare increases has begun, but so far just the EB and CZ. Aarrrghhhh!! Edit: The Auto Train fares have also increased.
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    Employee Praise

    Just sent Amtrak an email using their Contact Us page asking them to fix the Submit button on the praise page nd got an immediate confirmation with a green bar across the same page with a check mark. Any bets on when they'll fix the Submit button on the praise page? How about bets on if...
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    Employee Praise

    Does any know if there's any acknowledgement from Amtrak when the SUBMIT button is clicked on after filing out the form accessed by the SEND YOUR PRAISE button here? Recognize an Excellent Employee - Send Some Praise This is the form: But if this submit button is broken, is there a good...
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    Recent Beech Grove Tour

    The huge employee parking lots are shown with only a handful vehicles, so that probably explains the lack of visible workers or other activity. So while others whimper and snivel about the lack of activity, I think this video was shot on either a weekend or a federal holiday. That's my...
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    Manual connections booking together?

    Could that be because of a different freight train situation in Germany?
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Or a member of a Minuteman Missile Launch Crew!
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    Freight Derailment disrupts Capitol Limited 2/3/23

    I might suggest breaking ties with social media and being more careful about choosing friends.
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car production, delivery, deployment

    I gather from some previous posts that VLII's are made bit on the cheap side. You'd think by getting rid of the commodes in the Roomettes, they could have put the $ saved into some more durable furnishings. But, then again . . . . .
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    Roundtrip Atlanta to California questions

    But on those days when the Sunset Limited doesn't depart LAX, the route is SWC to CHI-CL to WAS and CRES to ATL. It seems the OP couldn't understand why LAX-NOL-ATL was not available, acknowledging a LAX-CHI-WAS-ATL was available. That led me to respond as I did, that there's no LAX to ATL...
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    Roundtrip Atlanta to California questions

    The train from Los Angeles to New Orleans operates only three days of the week, departing on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday. Perhaps you gave the ticket agent a return date when the train wasn't running.
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    Food suggestions for coach passengers

    Unless one is allergic to peanut butter or can only eat crackers from wheat harvested under the light of a full moon.
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Updated fare bucket chart. Only change is the addition of two lower Roomette buckets on the CS. FYI: Best (only) way to reliably inform me of any error or a new bucket is by private conversion (PM).
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    Crescent alternative to NOL; roomette questions

    Secure parking? What lot is this?
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    Coast Starlight discussion

    Thanks for that one! Wonder if there are any other Roomette buckets on this this train?
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Trimetbusfan just reported the missing Roomette bucket - it's $521, the seventh one. I suspect there may not be any more as the current $486 to $846 range meshes nicely with the old five bucket range of $432 to $765. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.
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    LAX to NYC via Seattle or Portland

    The Westbound EB is scheduled to depart Pasco WA for Portland OR at 0645hrs and sunrise at Pasco tomorrow is 0720hrs, 35 minutes later. But civil twilight begins at about the scheduled departure time, so viewing of the spectacular Columbia River Gorge should be OK - getting brighter with time...
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    Crescent alternative to NOL; roomette questions

    Dummy bookings will give up-to-date information (see Details) about which stations provide checked baggage service. The RPA has aftermarket timetables for all the routes, such as this one for the Crescent: This shows...