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  1. TraneMan

    PTC "Server disruption" service issue (March 2023)

    Has anyone seen any story/updates of what really went wrong with the PTC system?
  2. TraneMan

    Private Car Ride for 7 days!

    Pride Ride Inventory as of 3/16: 5 Double Bedrooms (Capacity 2) 8 Open Sections (Capacity 1) Pricing (per person inclusive of food and drinks): Full Trip (CHI-EMY-LAX-CHI) - $3,800 Half Trip (CHI-EMY-LAX or OKJ-LAX-CHI) - $2,400 Chicago to Emeryville - $2,000 Los Angeles to Chicago - $1,800...
  3. TraneMan

    Private Car Ride for 7 days!

    PRIDE RIDE 2023 PRICING: Prices are in everyone! Here are the official prices for Pride Ride 2023. I’m pleased to announce we are offering specific segments for sale for ‌the more budget friendly minded as well as space for day trips! Our goal is to have 34 people onboard at all times (including...
  4. TraneMan

    Private Car Ride for 7 days!

    Update on Pride Ride availability as of 2/26. We still have plenty of room available in Salisbury Beach for those that have been on the fence about signing up! For those that have signed up please get your deposits in ASAP so we can guarantee your space. The earlier we're able to get everything...
  5. TraneMan

    Private Car Ride for 7 days!

    GLBTQIA Members, wanna take a week long ride in a Private Rail Car?? I'd like to welcome you to the Amtrak Pride page. We just reserved 3 private cars for our Pride Ride coming up in May! Please come and join our page and learn more about this! (When you join, be sure you answer the questions...
  6. TraneMan

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    I’m on 7 heading to Essex now and this morning I got the call that my Thursday train is canceled. Called AGR right away and 1 minute hold. Was able to rebook for Friday. And was able to get another night there. Thanks goodness I brought trip insurance! Just got an announcement that the...
  7. TraneMan

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    Trying to enroll online/app, and asking for a code on signature line??? There's none!?
  8. TraneMan

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    My card is like this, just on the ApplePay (screen shot) is the green FNBO.
  9. TraneMan

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    Getting it set up on my ApplePay, and sad that there's no Amtrak log on it.
  10. TraneMan

    Select Executive Card For Digital Lounge Access.

    I'm a "Select Executive" with AGR, and I am able to use the lounge when i show my card. I don't recall seeing or have forgotten, if there's a limit who can be with me? Next month, I have 4 of us under my ticket on our trip and we will arrive in CHI from NOL in the sleeper, and then in coach...
  11. TraneMan

    Which is better CHI-SPK in coach (7 or 27)?

    Get whatever ticket is the cheapest. It depends on the passenger load in the car, the conductor will either place you in 7 or 27 coach. So don't think you're going to get 7 if you book that.
  12. TraneMan

    What to do... Niagara Falls to NYP

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are going to do the Empire Service 284.
  13. TraneMan

    What to do... Niagara Falls to NYP

    Yikes, that would be way too early to leave at 3:42. LOL. We are now leaning towards the 284 now.
  14. TraneMan

    What to do... Niagara Falls to NYP

    This fall, my husband and I are going to Niagara Fall ON. We arrive on Lakeshore Limited to Depew Station, Uber to Rainbow Bridge, and walk across with our luggage. (we are set here, hope the hotel let us do early check in.) After our stay there, we are going to NYP on a Thursday. I am super...
  15. TraneMan

    Empire Builder consist?

    Where are you going to from Chicago? Coach or sleeper?
  16. TraneMan

    Washington Post "Amtrak still on Track at 50!"

    I was interviewed for the Washington Post last Monday. Here's the story! A great write up!
  17. TraneMan

    SWC and TE trip in bedroom

    Yes, there's one near the window like in the roomette. We use USB power strip so we can plug multi usb cords into the strip for charging.
  18. TraneMan

    In Transit, "Empire Builder" Film.

    I would strongly suggest you all to go to...
  19. TraneMan

    In Transit, "Empire Builder" Film.

    This was shared on their Facebook Page... In Transit, Albert Maysles's final film -- made in collaboration with Lynn True @Nelson Walker Ben Wu @David Usui -- was shot entirely on Amtrak's Empire Builder line, which connects Chicago with Portland and Seattle. Comprised of stories from...
  20. TraneMan

    Trip to MKE in Coach

    Love Nuts on Clark!   I always get a 2lbs Mix bag  when I leave CUS.