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  1. jebr

    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    My motto is "churn, baby, churn." Get the other version of the card, or cancel and then reapply. They were perfectly happy to give me a preferred card with the SUB even though I currently hold the standard card and have opened a lot of new cards in the past two years.
  2. jebr

    My wife is riding DART (Dallas) by herself!

    Getting off at a stop, finding amazing BBQ, and deciding to move in to the BBQ joint and never come home again? :eek:
  3. jebr

    HSR vs Express train travel ~ A Tale of Two Train Journeys

    Having never taken a high-speed line, the high-speed option in Japan sounds a bit more enjoyable to me. The train ride can be part of the trip, without feeling like it's taking up a large chunk of the trip. That said, the Vietnamese train journey also looks very interesting and could be a trip...
  4. jebr

    Baggage checking

    This may or may not be allowed. If you have them trainside and you're very quick about it, they may allow it, but they also want to keep the train moving and not delay boarding. You'll almost certainly be stopped at six, especially if it requires multiple trips. In fact, I wouldn't be...
  5. jebr

    Long Distance service planning is now FRA's responsibility

    The Spokane thing is a bit weird, but overall I think it's a reasonable benchmark when considering whether something would be seen as a "day" trip vs. an "overnight" trip. It's not meant to be a measure of how much sleep someone should get or whether it's light or dark out, but whether someone...
  6. jebr

    Ouigo (France) "train removed" over a month in advance?

    The specific one I'm looking to book is on 3/2, Nantes to Paris Montparnasse, leaving 18h36. There's an outbound from Paris a few hours earlier also cancelled (seems to be an out-and-back route) and I'm seeing it many weekdays starting 2/13. I could take the train classique but that takes two...
  7. jebr

    Ouigo (France) "train removed" over a month in advance?

    Got a bit of an oddball question: Looking at Ouigo trains to Nantes in early March, and there's one frequency most weekdays that shows up but is not bookable. The Ouigo website says train removed, and other websites show similarly. Any ideas as to why it's been removed, and is there any...
  8. jebr

    Why can GPS issues delay a train 45 minutes?

    The issue is almost never the wider GPS system (it's run by the US Space Force,) but rather something with the GPS receiver for the train or some interoperability or link specific to the setup used by the rail operator. There would be a lot more issues than just trains having to stop if the...
  9. jebr

    Auto Train discussions

    Even being on a host railroad, Amtrak still has some duty of care. Running out of food is at least partially within their control, and given all the issues lately I think it's poor practice to seemingly only have enough Dinty Moore for one meal service. If Amtrak was attempting to get food and...
  10. jebr

    Auto Train discussions

    All planes have to land eventually. That said, if the passenger air industry had a tenth of the issues per trip that Amtrak seems to have while in transit, passenger planes would be grounded. In air travel, it's far more likely that I'll be stuck at an airport (maybe a random airport that I'm...
  11. jebr

    Auto Train discussions

    The trip total was 37 hours - a delay of 20 hours. From the ABC News article: "The train rolled into the station in Sanford, Florida, on Wednesday morning, ending the 37-hour trip. The 563 passengers and 333 vehicles onboard had been delayed by almost 20 hours." Edit to add: Realistically, the...
  12. jebr

    Should transit be free?

    There already seems to be some of this shift with the younger generation - a smaller percentage of young people are getting driver's licenses than they used to, and there's demand for better transit service. What we need is an efficient, effective transit system in most of the country to make...
  13. jebr

    Wendover Productions on Amtrak's Rail Priority

    Wendover Productions released a video today discussing the issues with passenger rail in America - in particular, the issues with Amtrak's supposed track priority on freight rail infrastructure. Nothing particularly new to those of us in the weeds already, but I found it a good primer regardless.
  14. jebr

    Southwest Airlines operations meltdown (Dec 2022)

    I wonder if the US will finally get an air passenger "bill of rights" - and if any legislator will care to also make sure rail and bus passengers are also included on it, or conveniently forget about those passengers because legislators (for the most part) don't take those modes of...
  15. jebr

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    So this is day 8 without any Empire Builder trains leaving their origination points? At this point I'll be more likely to get where I need to go on Southwest! 😆
  16. jebr

    More Greyhound cutbacks and comparison with airlines

    In an ideal world, I think it makes sense for us to subsidize the bus services that will not run profitably, rather than try and cross-subsidize profitable and unprofitable routes. Having competition can lower fares for those in the markets where there's a lot of demand, and potentially lower...
  17. jebr

    Winter storm related delays and cancellations Winter 2022-2023

    Except staffing is significantly worse today than it was pre-pandemic - at least that's the rationale given why railroads have to work their employees to the bone and have them on call more than ever before. It's also more difficult to get bus operators last-minute - a lot of companies either...
  18. jebr

    Greetings from MSP

    Hello and welcome from St. Paul! Hope you find the website enjoyable, and hopefully we'll cross paths at some point - perhaps at one of the Train Days at Union Depot!
  19. jebr

    Timely ticket scanning

    Another item for the Center of Excellence punch list? :oops:
  20. jebr

    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    Last I was told (which was back in early summer,) CP has agreed to let the trains start running before construction is complete. The limiting factor right now is staffing and equipment availability on Amtrak's end, and who knows when that will be ready.