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  1. Palmland

    Auto Train discussions

    I think you’re answering your own question- if time is important and cost isn’t (for priority), go for it! Be aware, though, vehicle and priority prices have increased. Since our home is 30 min fromu Sanford and our son is 2 1/2 hrs from Lorton we've never considered it. Our last 4 trips...
  2. Palmland

    Train Ride to Paradise - 1966

    Excellent story - worthy of 'Classic Trains' or PTJ. I too needed to travel during the strike which filled up the trains and made it difficult to get from Flomaton, AL (my brother was at Milton, FL NAS) to Wilmington, DE. The trip on L&N's Humming Bird worked well. Leaving Flomaton I had a...
  3. Palmland

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    @pennyk were you in a V2 sleeper and if so how was the noise in the bedroom? I think you had said on an earlier trip there was some loud noises. How was the food?
  4. Palmland

    Auto Train trip to Florida

    South Florida has some really beautiful spots in your photos but as you describe traffic is a mess. Looking forward to a Brightline trip there this fall. Florida DOT just can’t keep up with the traffic growth. Our recent trip to the Tampa/Sarasota area made us wish Brightline was running now...
  5. Palmland

    Train Daddy (Andy Byford) is coming to Amtrak!

    I’ll also wonder if he’ll develop a strategy to interface with Brightline West and FL. They really don’t compete since they have different missions outside of the NEC. So an effective partnership might make sense. Although I suspect Brightline might be cautious since they don’t want the STB...
  6. Palmland

    Train Daddy (Andy Byford) is coming to Amtrak!

    And the NY Post offered some insight into what he worked on in London: “Byford quickly outlined a series of short and long-term initiatives aimed at getting the trains back on schedule: He ordered a review of seemingly-arbitrary speed limits placed around the system that unnecessarily slowed...
  7. Palmland

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Good to hear. Looking forward to hearing a recap of the actual news not rumors.
  8. Palmland

    Two sisters were kicked off Crescent for using the lounge car

    If this is accurate, not sure if they were taking up a table needed for passengers at breakfast.
  9. Palmland

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    No doubt when Amtrak brings back full dining on the Star it will offer this for all passengers.
  10. Palmland

    Brightline Orlando extension

    On my recent trip I parked in the garage adjacent to terminal A for my outbound flight. I returned to terminal C on Jet Blue. What an ordeal! The Orlando papers are full of complaints about the long walks required in that new terminal. For budget reasons moving sidewalks were eliminated (now...
  11. Palmland

    Great American Train Stations

    Gotta agree with you. A new platform doesn’t seem to qualify as a GATS. But glad to see the original structure is still standing even if not for its intended purpose. I’m not familiar with Northampton. If a part of the original station could be made available for Amtrak, is it possible to...
  12. Palmland

    Auto Train Flash Sale (3/10 to 6/8/23; Book by 3/17)

    Actually it worked well for us. We had a roomette reservation and we were able to upgrade to a bedroom for an additional $116. We're driving north to make our usual multiple stops and it'll be nice not to have to make that drive home.
  13. Palmland

    Empire Builder discussion

    There is way to avoid the logistics of airport to Whitefish to east Glacier although it would add a day to your trip and additional expense. Fly to Minneapolis/St Paul instead of Kalispell and take the EB to East Glacier! Gives you more train time and a chance to see the Great Plains. A quick...
  14. Palmland

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Wow, I didn’t realize how bad until your post prompted me to check the breakfast sandwich that we have on the AutoTrain. But it is efficient; you get most of the daily amount of bad stuff for you in one serving! Guess it back to yogurt.
  15. Palmland

    Auto Train discussions

    It does seem there’s always a few bad apples on Amtrak but generally we’ve found excellent crews on auto train - three trips last year and next one in May. The two SCA’s we’re familiar with on AT are truly outstanding. It may be that they are always on the mostly all bedroom cars (are 4...
  16. Palmland

    Long Distance service planning is now FRA's responsibility

    I would certainly agree with this if there are just two trains. But, add the Silver Palm in the mix and you could make a case for an FEC routed train. Although I suspect a more viable option would be to have Brightline do it with Amtrak connections at a resurrected Jacksonville Union Terminal...
  17. Palmland

    Pittsburgh to New England trip suggestions

    Consider going beyond Portland to some of the attractive small towns on the coast. You can get fresh lobster as they cook them right off the boat. Concord coach lines shares the intermodal terminal with Amtrak in Portland. Here is a schedule from Concord’s website.
  18. Palmland

    Parking in Richmond VA - Staples Mill Station

    Good assumption, I’ve been there on Sunday quite often and even before the expansion there was plenty of parking places. Also note the McD at the edge of parking lot and a bodega in the station for your morning coffee as well as sandwiches and typical convenience store stuff.
  19. Palmland

    Parking in Richmond VA - Staples Mill Station

    Not sure when you were last there but pre Covid additional property was acquired and parking greatly expanded as the photo (google maps) shows.
  20. Palmland

    What Should We Make with Amtrak Next?

    I’d like to see Amtrak offer the posters they used in their advertising and also could be seen on trains that had a nice art deco vibe.