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    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    Thanks. Are the number of visits limited? Of course, they used to hand out the printed passes pretty liberally.
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    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    What is the status now of lounge passes for Select Plus? I did not get any via mail. I am confsued by the Amtrak app: Under Lounge Access there appears to be a QR code which I presume is a pass. For how many visits? Yet below that is a note: "You don't have any lounge passes." avalable.
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    Ohio finally starts the process for new Amtrak service

    More baby steps in Ohio, some money in House transportation bill for 3C+D Corridor and Detroit-Toledo-Cleveland. Still fighting some Republican typical skepticism as one refers to it at the "choo choo train," though the bill passed 74-21. But that this passed is remarkable given the...
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    Pittsburgh Amtrak Station past, present and future

    Not good. There are a very few short term spots. The place gets chaotic near train time. However, there is a large modern parking garage across the street in the "Grant Street Transportation Center" which is basically the Greyhound Station.
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    The UAC Turbo Train

    Had the opportunity to ride CN's version once in the 70s. It really was a very cool train.
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    President Biden's train in Ukraine

    You mean like when he's flying as President of the United States take a 737 to set an example?
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    Future Amtrak sleeper ideas

    Very sharp. Definitely modern. Consider me old fashioned, I still prefer beds parallel to the window. There's nothing like laying in bed looking out the window of a moving train.
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    Unofficial Amtrak Timetables-2022

    I think they have been tweaking it from time to time to "enhance" functionality. But, tweak might be generous.
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    Unofficial Amtrak Timetables-2022

    Right. This has been the case for a good year or more.
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    NRG Electric Bonus - 20,000 Points

    The offer related to my utility is only 10,000 points. Nevertheless, I'll sign up and after a couple of months when I qualify for the points I'll shop around again. Unfortunately, this is a variable rate plan guaranteed for only three months when it could go up 30%. I typically shop every three...
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    Amtrak Management issues

    If Amtrak's HR department is also understaffed and behind on its own hiring this will affect how efficient it can be. Not to mention if hiring managers are also overwhelmed with trying to fill positions under them. It is a cascading effect.
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    Management issues of State funded services

    Indiana had no serious interest in making any of it succeed.
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    Acela Cart Service (2023)

    Metroliners never went to Boston. Electrification between New Haven and Boston did not occur until the late 1990s.
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    Long Distance (LD) fleet replacement discussion (2022-23)

    I think the speculation on bilevel vs. single level is fun but wasted energy. Amtrak will take the easiest route and go all single level to to lower the cost of acquisition and to simplify fleet maintenance across the country. Though the idea it could completely overhaul some Superliners for...
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    Acela Cart Service (2023)

    We all now how this works on airplanes during 1, 2 or more hour flights, the only issue being for those who want to use the restroom. But is there enough room in the aisle to do this on a train with frequent stops, constant movement and people up and down constantly? I am skeptical. Then again...
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    Management issues of State funded services

    Amtrak better get its act together. Losing this would be a huge embarrassment and financial disaster which could lead to other defectors.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    I am sure that after receiving this message a few folks got sudden tummy aches and quickly retained counsel.
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    Websites About Abandoned/Former ROW's

    This is a great find. I haven't dived too deeply yet but it looks like it is purely railroads. Would be interestig to see abandoned interurban lines as well.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    How will this be accomplished without subsidy?
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    Toronto transit modernization plans

    Was just wondering if anyone knows, especially our Canadian friends, the status of GO Transit's modernization and electrification plans. Know this has been discussed for many years. Probably like most North American transit and highway megaprojects, this one is likely well behind schedule. I...