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  1. JayPea

    Oklahoma and Michigan.....the End of the Big Bucket List

    I just returned from a combo flying/Amtrak trip that took me from Spokane to Oklahoma City, then eventually to Dearborn, MI....Oklahoma and Michigan being the final two of the 50 states I've been in. I started early on Sunday the 19th with a couple of flights on Southwest, one from Spokane to...
  2. JayPea

    Spokane-Seattle round trip: whittling down the old bucket list

    Last week I took another Spokane-Seattle round trip and as the title says was able to get some items crossed off my bucket list. It has been my habit over the years to track the train I'm departing Spokane from, in this case #7, and leave from my home for the station when the train is at...
  3. JayPea

    EB-Cascades trip: Why not Minot???

    Last week I embarked on my first Amtrak adventure of the year: Spokane-Seattle, Seattle-Portland, Portland-Minot, and Minot-Spokane. The purpose of this trip was solely to ride the train. I had done a Spokane-Seattle-Portland-Spokane loop trio several years before, but wanted to expand it...
  4. JayPea

    Hotel recommendations in St. Albans

    Hi all! I am considering a trip in May in which riding the Vermonter from BWI to St. Albans will be a main feature. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for hotels in St. Albans. I see there is a Hampton Inn practically at the doorstep of the Amtrak station but is not taking...
  5. JayPea

    Across the USA (and back)

    Yesterday my uncle and I began our most ambitious trip yet: across the USA and back. Our itinerary: 1) Seattle to Sacramento on the CS 2) Sacramento to Chicago on the CZ 3) Chicago to Charlottesville on the Cardinal 4) Charlottesville to New Orleans on the Crescent 5) two nights and a day...
  6. JayPea

    An Amtrak first........

    This morning at breakfast on the CS my uncle and I managed a first.......we made a woman mad at us and demanded to move to another table. We are behind quite a bit as we lost three hours at Emeryville, apparently due to a commuter train running over someone without knowing it and a passing...
  7. JayPea

    Spokane to Yellowstone by way of Chicago--preliminaries

    I recently returned from a trip to and from Yellowstone. It took 6 days for a trip that would have taken me about 8 hours had I driven it myself. But who wants to drive when they can take several Amtrak trains to get there instead?? :lol: I had an intinerary that The Traveler would approve...
  8. JayPea

    14 (5) Hits Trespasser

    The CS I'm on hit a trespasser north of San Jose. I had just retired for the night when I felt a jolt and heard a crewmember say "brace yourselves". Been here about an hour and a half and could be anothe hour or two before we get going again though the cops got here within minutes.
  9. JayPea

    Inexcusable SCA behavior!!!!!

    I may never ride Amtrak again after the behavior of our SCA today. :angry: As part of two large AGR trips I, my uncle, and his two granddaughters traveled from Champaign to Chicago in roommates. While waiting to back into Union Station, the SCA played a song over the PA that he said was...
  10. JayPea

    The best of both Worlds.....Seattle AND Glacier Park

    A couple of weeks ago I took a trip from Spokane, first to Seattle, and then to East Glacier before returning to Spokane. I departed on June 23rd. Because of the horrendous timekeeping of the EB, I began tracking the EASTBOUND EB of June 18th. This would be the train that would arrive...
  11. JayPea

    Group wants talks on area light rail

    The Inland Empire Rail Transit Association is pushing for a new community discussion of light rail in the Spokane region. "The Inland Empire Rail Transit Association is pushing for a new community discussion of light rail in the Spokane region. The group said a system could connect communities...
  12. JayPea

    AU member passes away

    From this morning's Spokane Spokesman-Review: John was known on AU as jmbgeg. I didn't know him well, having only met him in person once, that at the 2011 Gathering in Seattle, but we did IM back and forth some. From his correspondance, I know he was a staunch passenger rail supporter as...
  13. JayPea

    Spokane to Washington DC--a five day trip that became six days

    I returned recently from my Spokane-Washington DC trip (or, at least Washington DC was the intended final destination) The trip didn't turn out as I intended, but it happens. I once again traveled with my uncle, who had flown out to my neck of the woods from Illinois and was staying at my...
  14. JayPea

    Thanks a lot UP!!!!!!!!

    I am on 6, sitting on a blankety-blank siding, waiting for a UP track gang to clear the track. In a thunderstorm no less. They said it would be just a few short minutes...... 2 1/2 hours ago!!!!!!! We were already an hour and a half late out of Fraser thanks to more UP BS. We are sure to be...
  15. JayPea

    A TE/CS trip

    Preliminaries: I began my journey, after an overnight stay at a motel near the Spokane airport, bright and early on the 5th of August. After being abused, degraded, humiliated, and stripped of my rights by the TSA and too stupid and apathetic to do anything about it ;) I flew from Spokane to...
  16. JayPea

    Another Northwest Loop Trip

    I returned from another of my Northwest loop trips early this morning. I take an annual trip around the Northwest this time every year, to take advantage of the long daylight hours and to get in one last vacation before the anniversary date of my employment comes up (July 1st). I usually go to...
  17. JayPea

    Article in American Profile about Amtrak

    In this week's issue of American Profile, which is a magazine insert in our local (Spokane Spokesman-Review) newspaper and in many other newspapers across America, there was a very nice article about Amtrak. Naturally, I agreed wholeheartedly with it! :lol:
  18. JayPea

    Man severely injured while trying to jump on a train

    Story here: He was lucky, if there is any luck with this story, the woman heard the man and called 911 right away or he might have lost his life instead of losing his legs. If you want to ride a train, taking Amtrak is a whole lot safer and easier. :rolleyes: Don't know what it is about the...
  19. JayPea

    Glacier Park Grille?

    Back in the mid 90's, the EB had in addition to the diner a car known as the Glacier Park Grille, which served lighter meals than the regular diner. I believe this car went on to Seattle after the EB split in Spokane. This car was discontinued long before my travels on Amtrak began. What sort...
  20. JayPea

    Woman hit and killed by train at Sandpoint

    Sigh. When will they learn??? Stay off railroad tracks! Story here: