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  1. Railroad Bill

    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Looks like significant delays again on the Pennsylvanian the last few days. . Also operating with an NS freight loco on the lead the last two days. Lost an hour between Harrisburg and Lewistown today. ??
  2. Railroad Bill

    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Wires down = major delays. Thanks
  3. Railroad Bill

    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Noticed that Pennsylvanian 42 was running close to ontime until after Lancaster Pa, where it now is 3+ hours down. Westbound 43 was held up in Philly all afternoon. Anyone know of an accident or freight derailment in that area?
  4. Railroad Bill

    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Did I miss the information re" personal item in the cars on the wrecked autoracks? Valuables, other items that would have been in the individual autos? Were those recovered yet?
  5. Railroad Bill

    Silver Meteor to terminate at Jacksonville in 3/29

    Since the FHP seemed to be stopping cars on the Florida border (according to a news report with video I saw this morning), it is likely they may be checking passengers in the JAX depot??
  6. Railroad Bill

    current cancellation policy

    I received the credit back to my CC in two days and points returned immediately. Very nice agent who understood quickly why we needed to cancel
  7. Railroad Bill

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Stay safe Jim. We are in the process of cancelling our trips in May to SEA and back. With our health issues it is not a good idea to be in Seattle at this time.
  8. Railroad Bill

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    As things continue to deteriorate, especially in state of Washington, we are considering cancelling our Amtrak EB trip to Seattle in May and the return trip as well. Ohio is also now closing down venues that involve large crowds. Not sure if or when CLE may have restrictions placed on travel?
  9. Railroad Bill

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    We have a long distance Amtrak set of trips planned for late May. As of this date we have not planned to cancel. We both have heart issues that set up a different set of circumstances for travel. We have cancelled our cruise scheduled for May because we do not want to become part of a...
  10. Railroad Bill

    Still around, and ready to ride the rails again!

    Welcome back Pianocat. Hope you enjoy your MRR & SWC rides. The advice above (using Amsnag) can save you some money if your schedule is flexible. Remember our AU Gathering will be in San Diego next October. Perhaps you can make it for a reunion of old friends.
  11. Railroad Bill

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    When I travel alone I use the bottom bunk. Easier to hook up Cpap machine and access to BR. When my wife is along, I take the top bunk. As Jim said, in a roomette, its like a submarine rack.. :) I am 6'6' so it is a challenge as I get older to get up there. Easier in a bedroom than roomette.
  12. Railroad Bill

    SWC #3 to Lamy/Santa Fe - Time for a Beer in Lamy?

    I will also recommend the RailRunner. Very nice, clean train. Big discount for seniors riding. Great scenery and departs at the station in Santa Fe downtown or three are some other suburban stops, but not sure about transportation from those. Again, check with your Santa Fe hotel to see if they...
  13. Railroad Bill

    Cardinal and Capitol Limited Consists

    Most of the time the Capitol Ltd is: Loco, Loco, baggage, dorm sleeper, sleeper, sleeper, diner, lounge, coach, coach, coach. Sometimes in the winter they cut off a coach and have, at times, eliminated the lounge car, but with the new dining setup, I doubt the lounge cafe would be taken off...
  14. Railroad Bill

    Northbound 90 Delayed after pedestrian struck near Charleston SC

    Latest news from Charleston SC that northbound 90 Palmetto struck a pedestrian and is now delayed.
  15. Railroad Bill

    Chicago Connections (better west to east for making connections)?

    I would agree with earlier posters that going westbound is the best odds of making connections. We travel from CLE and have never missed any Chicago connections. Of course, I just jinxed us.. ;)
  16. Railroad Bill

    Booking Error ID: 535S

    Hello, I just did a sample roundtrip booking from Wash DC to New Orleans in mid May and the booking did work. You can book on Amtrak 11 months out so that should not be a problem. Try again and if you still have problems call Julie at 800 USARAIL and they can help with the booking.
  17. Railroad Bill

    Questions on Silver Meteor and Ft Lauderdale Station

    We took the SM to FTL last January as part of a cruise trip. The agents there were very friendly and stayed while there were still trains coming. That evening the Silver Star had been delayed and was actually behind our 97 SM by about an hour. Our luggage had been misplaced on the SS and thus...
  18. Railroad Bill

    No ID

    In the current state of affairs in the US, I would not go anywhere on a transportation mode without an ID. Although you may have rights as a US citizen, proving that you are a citizen is something you should have covered when you travel. Being removed from a train would not be a positive...
  19. Railroad Bill

    My trip to the Gathering RARE Mileage that I didn't really see

    Dallas Amtrak Unlimited Gathering Trip Report October 30-November 5, 2019 Sunday November 3. The new day began with some fruit and pastries for breakfast and a walk to Akard for our final day of train riding with our Amtrak Unlimited group. Today’s itinerary would begin with a trip...