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  1. scrollmaster

    April trip on The Canadian

    Wife and I have been wanting to take this trip from Toronto to Vancouver with few a days stopover at Jasper. •Tentatively planning late March early April departure from Louisiana.Total trip about 4 weeks with stops so Amtrak portion needs to be booked by May 31 for cancellation privileges. •...
  2. scrollmaster

    VIA/GO Montreal to Niagra Falls, ON

    My wife and I need to get to Niagra Falls, ON from Montreal on 10/28. I can do in one connection on VIA Business #65 Montreal to Toronto.. then have approximately 1hr wait to catch the GO Lakeshore train to Niagra Falls, ON. I know the GO is a transit train. Are these clean, safe trains on GO...
  3. scrollmaster

    Will LD on time be changing?..

    With the outcome in SCOTUS will we start seeing real improvements and in what time frame?
  4. scrollmaster

    Check baggage question

    On our trip a few weeks ago we checked our baggage from Meridian Mississippi to Philadelphia with no problem.. from Philadelphia to Williamsburg no problem.. From Williamsburg to Washington DC no problem. Then on our return trip back to Meridian, the agent at Washington DC said they could not...
  5. scrollmaster

    Points for 0% balance xfer?

    My son&wife has approx $8800 on a line of credit they used to remodel their kitchen. I was wondering if I xfer that to my Amtrak card for 12 months interest free + 3% fee would I earn AGR points on the xfer? He would get 3% loan and I would get 8800 points if so. Has anyone done a balance...
  6. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    Have trip planned leaving from Louisiana to catch the Crescent in Meridian, MS on the way to see a bit of New York City. Yesterday we also added a one way 10 day cruise from NYC around Nova Scotia to cruise departure at Quebec City. Instead of flying back to NYC, my wife and I would like to take...
  7. scrollmaster

    Cost a lot to play..

    From our bedroom window on the Texas Eagle. Kind of a cold day and as you can see my wife is engaged doing "Important" stuff from her phone[emoji2]
  8. scrollmaster

    Is this a good deal?

    ..1)My AGR World card has a 3-point per $ spent bonus promotion for ANY spending through December 31. ..2)30% bonus for purchasing points per email received today. So 15,000pts @ $565 + 4500pts @30% bonus = 19,500pts + earning another 1695pts for 3 pts per $ spent for 21,195 pts for $565...
  9. scrollmaster

    Hotel near Chicago Union Station

    Only time there earlier this year stayed at the Palmer House but don't care to spend that much for a nights sleep. Will be coming in on Texas Eagle and leaving on Empire Builder next day. Where do you guys stay?
  10. scrollmaster

    #21 (8/18) Texas Eagle hit car

    The 8:28am departure was already seriously late to Longview, TX(LVW) (close to 5 hours) from waiting for a suspicious package to be cleared from tracks and freight delays. Word given us at the station that package was somewhere around Springfield, IL. Then about 1:30 we were told just prior to...
  11. scrollmaster

    Wish we had a station...

    My wife and I really enjoy riding the trains especially the longer overnight trips with bedroom. We also try to make at least one short daylight coach trip a month as well with about 5 or 6 hours in coach being the limit. The hardest part is the distance to nearest train stations from home are...
  12. scrollmaster

    Trade Upgrade for Companion Coupon

    I traded the earlier upgrade coupon so now have one with later expiration date to trade I have an Upgrade Coupon that expires 07/01/19. I would like to trade to someone for companion coupon with 2019 expiration if interested.
  13. scrollmaster

    First trip with points

    I live in northeast Louisiana and just started riding trains early this year. Thanks to many of you on this board patiently answering questions and offering suggestions on how to build and use points, I not only made Select Plus last week[emoji4] but had more than enough travel points to pay...
  14. scrollmaster

    First Amtrak vacation underway.

    •Left Longview TX station 21 May on Texas Eagle overnight to Chicago. Had good SCA for our bedroom. Enjoyed first day and night immensely. •Stayed overnight at The Palmer House, very beautiful and oldest operating hotel in the US but otherwise I considered it a severe waste of my money. Chicago...
  15. scrollmaster

    Less than a week till we leave

    We leave from Longview, TX on our first Amtrak vacation in a few days and to say we are excited is an understatement. We get off to visit several cities starting with Chicago, spend a week in Montana and also see Yellowstone. We will be gone a month, cover 15 states by train and a cruise to...
  16. scrollmaster

    Tip questions

    First train trip.. Wife and I traveling in a couple weeks and will have 7 nights with bedrooms with all segments together. For two people together in a room is $20 an appropriate tip per day? And do you give it to your attendant when they initially bring you to your room or later?
  17. scrollmaster

    TQP Rewards Card question

    My Guest Rewards MasterCard offers 1000 TQP's for each $5000 spent up to 4000 TQP's. Once a qualifying amount has been spent, how long does it take after the closing of that month's statement before they post your Tier Qualifying Points to your account?
  18. scrollmaster

    Dallas Station 04/08/18 (Recommendations)

    Wife and I will arrive at Dallas Station 04/08/18 around lunch and have about 3hrs before next train. Is there a good restaurant a close walk from the station? Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S8+
  19. scrollmaster

    First trip ???'s

    Wife & I leaving in May on Amtrak for first ever train trip and have a couple questions. In a nutshell we are going from Longview,TX→Chicago→Seattle→LosAngeles→SanAntonio→Longview,Tx. We will be riding Texas Eagle 22, Empire Builder 7, Coastal Starlight 11 & Texas Eagle 422. 1)We have a bedroom...
  20. scrollmaster

    AGR Master Card & BOFA App

    I got the paid version card a couple months ago to start building points and also downloaded the BOFA App for my phone to keep track of things. I've got to say I'm really impressed with their phone app, very easy to use and wide-ranging in its capabilities. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S8+