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    Southwest Chief LAX-CHI 7/12-14/202

    Storms, highs winds and high heat warnings slowing down train speed. Also failing old signals.
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    Question about electrical outlet in Superliner Bedroom

    there is just one. I always bring a higher end power strip. along to plug in all the devices to use in the train.
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    Future trip voucher

    My friend's part of the reservation is a open sleeper ticket. Will that have any effect on using the voucher for a new ticket for just me?
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    Future trip voucher

    Thanks for your help. This is the first time I have used a voucher fir this use.
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    Future trip voucher

    Me and a friend had a trip planned last month. We put it on a voucher. I have had thought on doing a trip just myself. Can a voucher be split up or does it have to be used as a whole?
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    Denver to Raton ~ Thruway Bus route?

    according to Google maps, it is a four trip south on I25
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    Overpowered short consists

    Host railroad like BNSF & CSX require two units.
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    Glad I found this site!

    Welcome to this site. I have been a member since 2008. Have asked a lot of question for trips though the years. Always had a good responses from them. It is a good source of info on the latest Amtrak news and knowledge.
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    Major station usage

    I have seen LAX has partly shut down with just passengers from both Amtrak and Metorlink getting to use the station. What is the status of other large city stations on the system?
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    Letters to Senators from WI Assn of Railroad Passengers (From a Facebook Amtrak group)

    This is the letter sent from the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers (thank to Terry Brown for drafting) to our Senators. If you live in Wisconsin please send it to Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson adding your support to WisARP. If elsewhere edit accordingly and send to your...
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    Open sleeper ticket

    The nearest staff station is a five hour drive one way in either FTW or DAL for me. A open sleeper is a paper ticket that can be only printed once and can not be replaced.
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    Open sleeper ticket

    Not only is it a three hour drive one way, the station is open during the overnight hours. I live in Oklahoma.
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    Open sleeper ticket

    There is a bus connection from OKC to Newton
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    Open sleeper ticket

    On a upcoming trip in May a friend that is riding with me in the same roomette is set up with open sleeper ticket. It was just announced the station of Newton Kansas(both our departing station) is losing its agent. He is to pick the paper ticket at the station prior to boarding. What are my...
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    Secure storage in LAX?

    The last time I was there in 2017 you just left your luggage near the check in desk right when you enter. There is no closet like in Chicago or DC.
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    Payment option (using 2 different cards)?

    For the first time I made a reservation which I am paying for later. Can you use two different cards for payments?
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    Two passengers with different destinations on same reservation

    Thanks for everybody help. The agent knew what I needed to get an open sleeper ticket.
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    Two passengers with different destinations on same reservation

    On my next trip in May I have a unique issue. The friend I have traveling with is only going halfway on the trip. I am connecting from the SWC to the CS on the same day. How should I handle making the reservation? The full trip is more then four seqments allowed on the multi city screen on the...
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    San Jose CA hotels.

    Thanks for everyone's input on hotels in Burbank. On my next trip I am looking at getting off the Starlight at San Jose and need a hotel that is in the middle of the price range.
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    Burbank CA hotels

    I am starting on plans for a trip next May. On one day I will riding the Starlight from SAC to Burbank. What are some good hotels near the train station for one night?