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    Silver Meteor confusion

    I have been tracking the arrival times of 97 into Jesup, as we will be boarding her Sat. to go to Tampa. I tried for this morning, and it said 'Information unavailable'. She was 24 min early into Sav, and 37 min early into JAX. But info was also unavailable for Yemassee Could it be that...
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    Derailment on White Pass and Yukon Railway
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    98 towing super liners

    98 just passed through Walthourville, slowly, following a freight closely. After the regular consist, she he at least four superliner cars. Cj
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    Strange consists on 98

    Wed. when 98 went through Walthourville, I noticed she did not have a baggage car, but there was an extra cafe car on the rear. And she has been running five coaches recently. Tonight (Friday 4/25) she had two Baggage cars...and one was between the diner and the sleepers. the second was on the...
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    Strates Carnival Train

    I was sitting in Jesup, having seen 98 go through more than an hour late, and in comes - very slowly - the James E. Strates carnival train. Or part of it, anyway. Website says they were supposed to already be in Fishkill, NY. Anyway, it stopped with the engines right in front of the station. Sat...
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    Auto train...where there's fire...

    Just watched 52 go thru Walthourville, and there was fire blazing from the stack on the second engine. Is this a problem? CJ
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    Where is Silver Star 92?

    Okay, I know where she is, because I was surprised to see her through Jesup at 6pm, while I was settling in to wait for 98. Then I realized that this is day 1 of the Tampa Bypass Operation. So, I went to the Amtrak site for the Track a Train app, and she is not there. the only one I could pullup...
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    Diner service question - late boarding

    My sister will be boarding the Silver Meteor in SAV on Monday. She has a roomette. I know she is entitles to dinner and breakfast (going to PHL). However, I see that diner service is only available for those boarding up to 8:30p. Train is due to leave SAV at 7:38p, but being quite familiar with...
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    If you were on the EB Sunday 8/11...

    STORY LINK From the local paper: Havre Sector U.S. Border Patrol agents made an arrest in Havre this week, apprehending a man from Croatia suspected of ditching his job on a foreign ship and boarding Amtrak headed east. This arrest shows the depth of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection...
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    Old/odd diner on 98?

    Okay, I realize they are ALL old diners, but I don't think this is the usual diner for one of the 98's. I was in Savannah last night when 98 came through (absolutely on time for the second night in a row...) and the diner was different from what I usually see. Granted, I am usually stalking 98...
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    Photo of the Day

    Was heading for my lurking spot to wait for 98 to pass through Walthourville and saw this rainbow. Hoping for a spot to pull off for a picture, and was lucky enough to find a freight going through...Got a later shot after I got settled in. CJ
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    Another round on Palmetto SAV - FAY - SAV 21 Mar 2013

    This was a spur of the moment trip, booked two days out. I stayed in Savannah the night before, so as not to have to get up another hour earlier for the 45 mile drive. Mindful of my previous unsatisfactory experience on Palmetto, I decided the better part of valor was to book BC for the leg up...
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    Observation car on Auto Train?

    Was stalking Amtrak tonight and counted the usual number of cars on Auto Train northbound, but one had windows that curved over the top. Since I stalk this train several times a week, I realized I hadn't seen this car before. Any thoeries? CJ
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    Needing advice for CL & SWC

    We had a fun topic about what to bring on sleepers, but I am in need of serious advice now. We have bedrooms on CL and SWC, total three nights on the train. How is the temperature in the bedrooms? I assume it cannot be adjusted...There was a suggestion that the pillows were wimpy and the...
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    Traveling in Business class

    In my review of my latest junket, on Palmetto from SAV - FAY - SAV, I told about the seat assigning by the train attendant. I was super annoyed because as a solo traveler, all of the seats by the good windows were blocked for couples/groups of three or more/groups. Since I am just riding the...
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    Palmetto, Savannah - Fayetteville - Savannah Feb. 13, 2013

    I was need of a junket, and this seems to be the easiest trip, as I live near Savannah. I did this trip back in October, too. Had to be in Savannah Tuesday evening, so I stayed in a hotel to avoid the early morning 40 mile drive. We had been having heavy rain, and when I left in the morning...
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    Superliner bedrooms

    Traveling Amtrak, PHL - SAN, with bedrooms on CL and SWC. We are assigned room D on both trains. Question is, do the cars run with the bedroom up front, or the roomettes? If the bedrooms are front, we would be riding facing the rear, which I do not want. Like to see where I am going, not...
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    Silvers schedule changes?

    I just checked the status of 98 to Jesup today, to see how late she is running...and instead of the usual 6:28 scheduled time, it tells me she was due at 8:48 and is running nine minutes late...Went to website, schedule reads the same, but status check there gives same result. Any clues? CJ
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    PHL to Johnstown and back on the Pennsylvanian Jan 4/5

    I booked this to reintroduce my sister to train travel in the US. We rode trains a lot in college - a generation ago... I am from Georgia, but was visiting my sister in Macungie, PA for Christmas holidays. We started by driving to Quakertown and taking the Bieber bus to PHL 30th St. station...
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    PHL - SAN April 2013

    I have been dragging my feet about booking this trip,and not the bedrooms are sold out on the SWC. We are two senior ladies who unfortunately get up to the bathroom a lot at night, so I don't want a roomette. What are the chances that there will be a bedroom cancellation in the next month or...