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  1. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak vs. VIA, Border Crossing, and Other Trip Notes

    Working title was going to be "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" - it seemed unfair somehow, and certainly far from original. :) It was a great trip, and one which I would go about accomplishing the same way in the future. My daughter and I got last minute tickets on the Wolverine to Detroit...
  2. Michigan Mom

    Uber Across the Border

    Help, does anyone have experience using Uber across the border from Detroit to Windsor? Lyft shows no availability in Windsor at this time. Uber does, and I found some vague blog statement somewhere to the effect that it's against company policy, but a driver might take the trip. I can...
  3. Michigan Mom

    Fast Chicago TR, July 5/6 2019

    Fairly last minute, so not very well planned, but nevertheless successful quick trip on the Wolverine from Ann Arbor to Chicago. Being a holiday weekend I rather expected everything to be sold out/astronomical, as it turned out, there were coach seats to be had going to Chicago on Friday...
  4. Michigan Mom

    Lake Shore Limited, New Meal Service Review

    After LSL round trip in sleeper car, I have to say the meal offerings are more than fine. Going eastbound, 9:30 departure so no meal service. Drinks available in dedicated lounge for sleeper cars. One adult beverage complimentary per ticket, a nice touch if you care to partake. In the...
  5. Michigan Mom

    Tornado Season

    so what happens to the train if there is a tornado en route? Yes this question might not have come to mind but evidently TWC has resolved thier differences with DirecTV. And the recent weather in the plains states were horrific. so... what happens to a train?
  6. Michigan Mom

    Southwest Chief, April 2014

    This trip had been postponed earlier and was now back on track, coinciding with the kids' Spring Break. Train 3 CHI-LAX-LAS and then 4 on the way back, this time from Vegas to Kingman AZ and onwards. The good: With or without flowers, newspapers or cranberry juice, Amtrak's LD trains are an...
  7. Michigan Mom

    Las Vegas bus service dropoff?

    Getting extremely apprehensive after looking up the address in Las Vegas where the Amtrak Thruway Bus connection drops off passengers. 200 S. Main St., which also happens to be the Greyhound terminal. The disheartening part is reading all the Yelp reviews about the station being overrun with...
  8. Michigan Mom

    Las Vegas

    So... how's that 6 hour bus ride from LAX? anyone? I must be crazy even thinking about this... but I also don't get the logic of the middle of the night transfer in Kingman, AZ.
  9. Michigan Mom

    All meals not included (1st 2 pax only) (corrected - post 25)

    Found out today. while perusing redemption possibilities, that "all" meals are no longer included for AGR sleeper car redemptions. The agent told me this is a new policy. Meals are included for the first two pax only. So if you are a party of 3 or 4 booking a BR or FR, you would be paying for...
  10. Michigan Mom

    Wolverine, to Chicago

    How nice that was that a snowstorm didn't prevent the trains running from Michigan to Chicago over the past few days. We were delayed en route, I learn something every time we take the Wolverine, about an exterior sensor system that was inop, and the crew had to get out at the direction of...
  11. Michigan Mom

    Policy Update

    Been meaning to post this for a while but I've been very busy. Remember when last year I questioned the AGR MC policy regarding use of the card, if you attempted to do so somewhere that Chase didn't think you could... because you had not been there before? Remember how people became incensed...
  12. Michigan Mom

    Card Security

    Have not used this subforum much and may not remember to check for updates, but did want to alert others to the Chase MC security apparatus. i had decided to take my AGR Chase card plus one other back up, on our VC to WAS as I do not ever take everything on VC. Good thing I had the backup...
  13. Michigan Mom

    Capitol Limited, ARB-TOL-WAS and back, Feb. 2013

    So, time to begin this trip report, which will be in sections. Can't write it all tonight. The quest was for a train trip, within a budget, for a family adventure while the kids were off school last week, to celebrate a birthday for Michigan Son at the end of this month, after which said son...
  14. Michigan Mom

    Capitol Ltd to WAS

    Taking the Capitol Limited to DC out of Toledo. Some of my questions have been answered on the recent Cardinal thread (definitely going to buy a pass on the DC transit system). We have gotten around Chicago using only the rail system and hope to do the same in DC. Superliner equipment vs...
  15. Michigan Mom

    Biz class fare increase on Wolverine

    Noticed quite the increase for Business Class on the Wolverine lately. It didn't seem all that long ago when upgrades could be had for 9$.... then it went to 13$, over the last year... now $39 per person?? it was probably underpriced before, and did usually sell out months ahead of
  16. Michigan Mom

    Vacation Ideas

    OK, got a few days off. Need anyone's ideas of somewhere we can go, leave from either Michigan stations, or Chicago. Can leave any day this week and return by the 4th. During a time with full trains.. where should we go?? Northeast? Southeast? NOL? Southwest? Is this even doable?? ANY...
  17. Michigan Mom

    New Amtrak equipment! :lol:
  18. Michigan Mom

    Empire Builder first trip - EB and WB

    Well, don't know where to start. Anticipation was high as we boarded in Chicago. We LOVED our 2 roomettes across from each other. Son was so happy with his own space; daughter and I were directly across. Right away we were seeing new sights, as the EB rolled out of CHI headed west. Dinner...
  19. Michigan Mom

    First time trip on EB/Help...

    Q. 1) I'd love some direction on who, and how much, and when to tip. Q. 2) How much room is available in the bedroom for carryon bags? There will be 3 of us, each with a smallish (airplane size) roller and a school sized (i.e., not monster) backpack. We have a weird trip coming up, weird in...
  20. Michigan Mom

    Switching Accommodations En route

    OK.. yes, it's my fault for not nailing down the trip sooner, but it's not always easy to know in advance when you can travel. So. Due to the trains filling with other people who plan in my time frame.. snd te amount of AG points I had available.. we are going from CHI-SEA on the EB, switching...