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    Different points for different roomettes?

    Ok, fellow travelers, help me verify what an AGR agent told me when I called to book a trip. Her software assigned us a roomette upstairs, but when I asked for one downstairs, she told me that would cost me about 17,000 more points, saying that some roomettes are charged more points than others...
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    Can Alexa check AMTRAK schedules?

    When I unboxed my Amazon Echo, within the first 15 minutes I was asking her for the expected arrival of 20 into Atlanta. She was “not sure”. Then I saw the Train Status skill and tried using that. She still was “not sure”. It turns out that I can check LIRR, BART, NY subway, Metro and other...
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    VL II diner on today's NB Crescent?

    We'll be on today's northbound Crescent for WAS, hoping against hope that we'll get to experience one of the new dining cars. If you're along the route from New Orleans, could you please watch and see whether you can spot a new Viewliner 2 diner, then post it here? This may be our last rail...
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    SAC station after dark- how safe now?

    We will be doing the CZ-CS layover in SAC later this month. I'm concerned about whether the station has AC, how secure the waiting area would be for a 10-hour stay, and if there is a lot of dust inside from the inside renovation work. If you've done this layover or been in the station lately...
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    Stashing carry-ons at King St. Station?

    We're ending a cruise in Seattle in late April and catching the EB to head back east. we're hoping that in addition to checked luggage, the station can accommodate stashing of our carry-ons from about 10am til mid afternoon when it's time to board the EB. Do station staff allow this for a few...
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    AGR Credit card: Any news? Rumors even?

    My daughter tried to apply for a card both at AGR and Chase. Stone wall. Not accepting card applications and don't know when they will know when. Does anyone on here have an inside track on how soon they'll announce something?
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    The Boss riding the Chief route in NM?

    We're on the #4 SW Chief just N of Las Vegas NM. We'd already met #3 when we had to take a siding for a southbound. On this route? Unusual! I was just informed by 2 crew members that we'd gone in the hole for Mr Boardman's private consist, and that he had been running the route for 2 days. I...
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    Do WHAT? ATL-LAXthru NOL for 35,000 points?

    Just got off the phone with AGR agent who told me that since I had to stay overnight in NOL, ATL-LAX will cos 15K to NOL, then 20K more on into LAX> Can this be? Did they make a policy change, or did I get a newbie agent with his nose in a rule book of some sort? Were not dripping with points...
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    Purchased coach ticket, then AGR room at Wolf Point: allowed?

    Coming from Oxnard,CA we have enough points for both a 1-zone roomette Reward to Glacier, and also a 2-zone roomette Reward. We'll stop in E.Glacier for a couple days, then continue on to Washington DC on the EB and CL. Problem is, we'd have to get to Wolf Point,MT to use our 2-zone Reward for...
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    Crescent problems, or is it NS?

    The Crescent southbound this morning was delayed into Danville, and the delays at subsequent stations worsened until 19 left Charlotte 4.5 hours late - a delay that hasn't changed as it nears Meridian. Then northbound #20 left Anniston 1/2 hour late and they are already projecting an hour's...
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    Boarding Sunset Limited #2 sleepers in LAX

    We'll have an entourage of 6 boarding the Sunset Limited, Train #1 in LAX this summer, including 2 tired cranky kids by the 10pm departure. Obviously we're wanting to get them bedded down as early as we can. Does anyone know if this train starts boarding sleeper pax earlier than normal? We 4...
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    Crescent 19/20 both late! Big trouble?

    The status map shows Crescent 19 and 20 both delayed between Meridian and Tuscaloosa by about 2h30m. Was there a derailment down there, or just a long time in the hole? There's nothing on the news so hoping it's only a backup. :excl:
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    SW Chief sleepers - still up front for summer?

    We're on SWC #3 in June, CHI-LAX. The last consist list I can find shows the two sleepers just behind the baggage car. Does anyone know if these trains flip them around for the summer months, or do they just stay ahead of the diner year-round? Dennis
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    2-zone travel from ATL - Possible?

    When I called AGR to book a 2-zone award trip from ATL to LAX back in August, I was told that in this instance I'd be routed through WAS and CHI via the Crescent, the Cap and the SWC. Now I need to cash in another 2-zone award to LAX but the last 2 agents have given me that routing again, but...
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    Travel Channel - weekly Amtrak exposure

    During the opening of "Mysteries at the Museum" each week on the Travel Channel, there is a brief, 1-second clip of an Amtrak Superliner train which appears to be somewhere in the west with mountains in the background and patches of snow on each side of the track. It's a great-looking shot and...
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    What's up with the Crescent

    Looks like #20 left Birmingham northbound relatively on time today, but now there's a Service Disruption posted. As usual, there's not further information provided, but has anyone else heard what's happened between Birmingham and Atlanta? Dennis in Atlanta
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    Getting from Penn Sta. to Peekskill

    OK, NYC Amtrak gurus, I need some advice. We'll be pulling into NYP from Atlanta early this summer on our way to Peekskill. Any way I slice it, I need to transfer to the Metro North line to get up there, but do I make the mad dash from NYP to Grand Central to catch a Hudson train, or is it...
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    'Dream trip' to Glacier Park - Can we do it?

    We've seen the documentaries about Glacier National Park that show the EB arriving at the E.Glacier station, and now we have a trip in mind that will put us in that marvelous picture. This "dream journey" would take us from ATL to NOL, overnight there (on our nickel) and then to CHI on the CONO...
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    Slang for scanners on Amtrak?

    Last Month on the Crescent southbound, the very nice conductor stopped by our bedroom for a chat. Before he left, my scanner "barked" -and so did the conductor's radio. He looked at mine, smiled and said "Oh - so you're going to _____ on us, eh?". Then he chuckled and walked on down the...
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    Crescent #20 meal schedule

    I read a report that I can't find any more that told of a very early last-call time for lunch on The Crescent #20 northbound. This was supposedly so they could get the diner/kitchen secured before arriving at Penn Station. Can anyone familiar with this train share the diner serving times for...