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  1. saxman

    Airlines being upended

    Surprised this forum has been quiet in the wake of recent events and how the airlines will fair out. We went from pretty full flights in the end of February to completely empty in the beginning of March. Most of us know the $2 trillion included $58 billion for airlines, half of which will be...
  2. saxman

    British Airways to Charleston, SC

    Well this one came out of nowhere. I saw that BA was going to announce another US city. I did not expect Charleston, but this is what the 787 was designed for. We'll see how this one performs.
  3. saxman

    Lufthansa Begins Austin Service

    Looks like Austin continues to grow with another flight to Europe. In May 2019, Lufthansa will began non-stop service from Frankfurt using an Airbus A330.
  4. saxman

    eVouchers expiring

    I have a couple eVouchers expiring this month, but I don't have any trips planned in the near future. Obviously I need to book something and always thought I could book something and then later cancel it and that would "renew" the evoucher for another year. But I had an agent on the phone...
  5. saxman

    Austin Rail a total waste

    I usually like reading things on Forbes, but I think this guy totally missed the point. But this is the perspective us rail advocates have to deal with a lot. Discuss:
  6. saxman

    O'Hare Airport Terminal Expansion

    Chicago has been going through a massive rebuild over the years. Lately it's been mainly a big realignment of runways going from a pinwheel type shape to an all east-west configuration. There's also an expansion of the people mover to a new rental car facility and it will also be a direct...
  7. saxman

    CONO adding Marks, MS stop

    Looks like Amtrak will add a flag stop in Marks, Mississippi next spring. It's about halfway between Memphis and Greenwood on the City of New Orleans route.
  8. saxman

    Freight cars blown off Huey Long Bridge. Sunset Ltd. impacted

    This happened at 10:35 am this morning. Looks like #1 departed NOL ontime at 9:00 and crosses this bridge a few minutes later as it leaves the city. Looks like it is sitting still west of the bridge and not scheduled to arrive into Schriever until 1:46 pm, over 3 hours late. Thank goodness this...
  9. saxman

    Food Service Under Attack (again)

    This is an email I got from a contact.
  10. saxman

    Lincoln Service "Sold Out" Again.

    I was trying to buy tickets between STL and Springfield, IL for October 17, but Amtrak says they are all sold out, except for the Texas Eagle. In looking at the service alerts, the website says there will be bustitions through October 10th, but nothing mentions anything after that. So why does...
  11. saxman

    Ride Vintage Subway Cars In NYC

    This December you can ride vintage subway cars on Sundays. Looks like they will run between Queens Blvd and 2nd Ave. (null)
  12. saxman

    Direct Routing vs Not

    I haven't read the new AGR redemption rules in much detail. But, AFAIK, as long as its a published route on, without using multi-city, it's a legal redemption for AGR. I tried to book NOL-PHL and offers the direct routing, as well as via #58 to #30, and even #58 to #50. The...
  13. saxman

    Well Folks. I'm moving!

    Well I guess now is the time to announce that I'm moving finally. I've been living in my grandparents old house for the last 5 1/2 years here in Texas. I love it here, but as with all homes, they just become a burden on my aging grandparents (and me!), that they have sold it! I'm sad to leave...
  14. saxman

    Bellingham, WA

    Thinking about spending the night in Bellingham, WA. Anything near the station that's reasonable? Seems like most hotels are near the interstate or the airport. Any other information would be great too!
  15. saxman

    Video about transit and traffic

    ....from 1948 It's a shame we still aren't listening. Still a great video and it's in color. Video
  16. saxman

    Private firm wants to build Cotton Belt

    Well this has been a long time coming, but it looks like a private developer has come forward and is interested financing the Cotton Belt commuter rail line from SW Fort Worth to DFW Airport and onward to Plano. Another article: I've heard some of these guys speak and still, the concept goes a...
  17. saxman

    Commercial Airliner Stolen
  18. saxman

    USA Rail Tour 2012

    I'm sitting here at Chicago Union Station in the Metropolitan Lounge about to embark on a journey. A journey to far and wide places...or just another one of my crazy Amtrak trips to places like San Francisco and New York. While this trip will not be nearly as extensive as my USA Rail Tour 2009...
  19. saxman

    Hand-written Tickets

    In the past, whenever I've had a paper ticket, I've always had to mail a copy in to AGR to get credit for them. But back in June, when I took the CZ detour route, I boarded in Elko, NV and had made a last minute reservation, so my only option was to pay for my ticket on board. My reservation was...
  20. saxman

    Maple Leaf Reliability

    My grandparents want me to plan a trip for them to mainly take the Canadian. But first they want to see about stopping in Syracuse to see their friend, and then board the Maple Leaf to Toronto to connect with to the Canadian that night. The Maple Leaf is scheduled to arrive into TWO at 7:42 PM...