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  1. LookingGlassTie

    City of New Orleans routing

    For some reason I thought the CoNO already ran through St. Louis on its way to Chicago. Well you learn something new every day................
  2. LookingGlassTie

    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    Based on the information I've seen and heard, COVID-19 is more transmissible than seasonal influenza, but it's not necessarily more dangerous. Most people who become infected have mild symptoms (or no symptoms at all). This is also true of people who were infected but have now recovered...
  3. LookingGlassTie

    It’s Time For America To Get Serious About Fixing The Trains

    Here's my take on it: I can't speak for other countries but here in the US, we love the automobile. And we're generally willing to spend whatever is necessary to maintain its infrastructure. To me, the phrases "we can't afford that" or "we don't have the money" often come down to priorities...
  4. LookingGlassTie

    about the black bear at SPUD

    A black bear ate spuds?? 🤣
  5. LookingGlassTie

    Service Reductions effective October 1

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. But what I'm wondering is (based on what others have said) would the cuts be necessary or as deep if Congress had approved the funding that Amtrak requested?
  6. LookingGlassTie

    Service Reductions effective October 1

    I'm not really sure; it seems to be an "after-effect" move to me. Kinda like a scenario in which your house withstands a hurricane but once the storm passes you have to modify your personal lifestyle (and your community may have reduced services) during the cleanup and recuperation/restoration...
  7. LookingGlassTie

    Anderson to AA?

    Well if it is true, that would be a good fit for him. Not being snarky; rather I think he could make some improvements, being an airline guy and all that. He just wasn't a good fit for Amtrak. :cool:
  8. LookingGlassTie

    Would Viewliners like these be possible (Or even Useful)?

    I kinda like the idea of a Coach-Dorm car as an option for lower passenger demand, depending on the time of year and such. Right now, some routes run with partially filled coaches and partially filled sleepers. I think that the C-D cars could be used when demand is lower and separate coach...
  9. LookingGlassTie

    Amfleet Is purchased by Excursion Operator

    I do like the fact that the Amfleet II windows are a little bigger......
  10. LookingGlassTie

    What I miss about Amtrak train rides . . .

    Although I would like to travel in a room on Amtrak (haven't done it yet), I think sometimes that coach travel doesn't get the respect and recognition it deserves. 😊
  11. LookingGlassTie

    What I miss about Amtrak train rides . . .

    Feeling the train creep forward and accelerate as it departs my origin station. Hearing the horn and knowing that I'll be seeing a crossing pass by me soon. Walking the train while it is moving Seeing parts of my home area (upon departing or arriving) that I can't really see by car. The...
  12. LookingGlassTie

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    Well under the current circumstances, a microwaved boxed meal IS better than nothing at all. Unless of course you bring your own food on board.
  13. LookingGlassTie

    Locomotive Engineer Derailed Train to Wreck Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Over Coronavirus Suspicions

    "........and the train it won't stop going, no way to slow down..........." Seriously though, there are a LOT of people who are suspicious of government overreach and unchecked power regarding COVID-19, but I doubt very many of them would want to ram a train into a ship!
  14. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak trains without Conductors?

    Ohh ok. Still learning about these things.
  15. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak trains without Conductors?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Amtrak's rules of operation stipulate that in the absence of a Conductor or Assistant Conductor, the Engineer shall be the person in charge of the entire train. Which I believe is also how the freight railroads handle such situations. Has there ever...
  16. LookingGlassTie

    People will steal your stuff on amtrak right in front of you.

    I meant "OMC". OMD is the group that did the song "If You Leave". :D
  17. LookingGlassTie

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I would be able to see the Northeast Regional from my house.........except that I don't have X-ray vision like Superman........ :p
  18. LookingGlassTie

    Capitol Limited and Washington Union Station

    Oh ok. I might have seen the #30 instead of the #29 then. Given that the #29 goes north and then west, why doesn't it need an electric locomotive for the short stretch north of WAS?
  19. LookingGlassTie

    Capitol Limited and Washington Union Station

    Curious question: When the westbound Capitol Limited (#29) departs WAS, does it go south for a distance and then turn westward? I ask because, as far as I know, the locomotive(s) on the CL are not switched out at WAS. Likewise, does the #30 turn slightly northward before pulling into WAS...