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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Normal Flex menu, or normal (traditional) diner menu? Shifting to the normal Flex menu would involve one or two contract mods. Going to the tradional dining menu would involve personnel changes as well as contract mods.
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    My only experience with Flex was on the Texas Eagle a year ago 👅 (having done all the western LD trains in the sleeper car recently), but I think that the CONO Flex menu looks a little better -- not so heavy and different menus for lunch and dinner. I'm doing Chicago - New Orleans - DC --...
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    Adding frequency to Long Distance (LD) service

    I was chatting with someone from CORP a few months ago: Roseburg to Ashland -- just to get the track up to 35 mph passenger specs -- ~$1million per mile. Granted, even an Ashland - Eugene DMU service would be nice, but...
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    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    The only reason that the Texas Eagle "has" traditional dining is because cars get connected to the Sunset Limited at San Antonio. That wasn't "started in July 2022". I can speak for personal experience that on April 25, 2022 I (traveling CHI-LAX in a sleeper car) was taking meals in the dining...
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    Amtrak continuous usage webcam?

    You can select RailStream as a streaming channel on Roku. The right free channels are available but it appears not to offer rewind at that level. If you are a paid subscriber, you play your "Engineer" locations.
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    Why can GPS issues delay a train 45 minutes?

    One of factors in this discussion is tossing out "GPS" as a kinda catch-all any PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) process or system that is supported by GPS. (DHS even has a PNT program.) In the case of rail transportation I think the "P" is key to maintaining situational awareness of...
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    Empire Builder! Eastbound

    My habit with roomettes is to wake up early and then get down to the shower by about 5:30 am. (You might be the first one -- you'll know by how long it takes for the water to get hot.) This allows time to be at the diner when they open for breakfast. It may seem early to some, but you can...
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    Quick trip on Coast Starlight from LAX to SEA

    I was sad to see the polenta get taken off the menu. Also lost were the entre salads -- my usual lunch.
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    New Member -- Southern Oregon

    Thanks. Maybe one of these days they'll get train service through eastern Oregon. You hear mumbling about reviving the Pioneer, but that would be at least a decade away -- if ever. It seems like a natural.
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    New Member -- Southern Oregon

    Content moved to original post.
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    Quick trip on Coast Starlight from LAX to SEA

    I was surprised to get some 5G between Klamath Falls and Eugene. Any expansion into under-served areas is likely to be 5G.
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    New Member -- Southern Oregon

    Greetings all. I've been riding Amtrak for a while -- mostly while I was living in the DC and NYC areas. Since retiring to Oregon I've enjoyed more trips -- all of them in roomettes. In September, 2019 I went from Eugene to Eugene via Sacramento, Chicago, and Portland (using Midwest miles...
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    Quick trip on Coast Starlight from LAX to SEA

    That lounge in Los Angeles is about 1/3 the size it needs to be -- But who knows if there is space for it in the building.