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  1. susanlindsey

    Empire Builder with travel insurance result

    Note, I did not call Allianz for assistance with alternative travel arrangements prior to making my own. It's important to read the contract ahead of time to fully understand covered expenditures. That being said, I was willing to absorb overage to get the exact arrangements I wanted. For...
  2. susanlindsey

    Nervous First Timer with some questions.

    I distinguish between three locations for my belongings based on convenience and security. My suitcases I leave downstairs on the luggage rack with TSA locks. The things that I wanna have handy but don't want in plain sight I put in a tote bag on the rack above my coach seat. My ID, cards,cash...
  3. susanlindsey

    Amtrak coach seats

    The challenge for me was to find something collapsible that would fit in my suitcase.
  4. susanlindsey

    Empire Builder with travel insurance result

    I purchased Allianz travel insurance for a recent 10 day round-trip cross-country Amtrak trip. It cost me under $20. I'm in the process of submitting a claim to cover transportation and accommodations on a train route mid trip that was canceled due to landslides. I'm hoping for the best, but one...
  5. susanlindsey

    Sleeping in coach

    I had a earplugs, eyeshade, blanket, neck pillow, and most importantly three small memory foam travel pillows; one for lumbar support and two for the corner against the wall or the armrest when I had the luxury of two seats to myself (one out of four trains). They all compacted into stuff sacks...
  6. susanlindsey

    Nervous First Timer with some questions.

    I traveled ten days in coach recently and spent all my waking hours in the observation car. I always invited others to share my table that seats four which gave me some control over who I spent hours with. My suitcases stayed on the luggage rack on the first level, my pillows, blanket, and tote...
  7. susanlindsey

    Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    When I arrived at Chicago Metro Lounge mid day there was already a list of five people waiting for the showers so be sure to inquire when you get there whether there's a waiting list.
  8. susanlindsey

    Amtrak Solar eclipse viewing April 8 2024

    I got a nice Airbnb in Buffalo; check in on the 7th and check out on the 9th for $150.
  9. susanlindsey

    Coach restrooms

    Absolutely serious. I wouldn't want to cause an acute attack in someone with asthma or reactive airway. I try not to "just do it" without considering the possible consequences.
  10. susanlindsey

    Coach restrooms

    Number 4 Southwest Chief 4/16-4/18. Two coach cars, #11 and #12. Within hours the toilets in #12 were all clogged and eventually flooded out into the hallway and into the luggage area where some suitcases were on the floor. I was told the issue would have to wait until Albuquerque and duct tape...
  11. susanlindsey

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Update on hotels near Los Angeles Union Station. Checked in this evening to the Metro Plaza Hotel which is about a block and a half from Union Station. I walked to the hotel during the daylight hours, but I would not do it at night. The hotel is currently under renovation. One of the windows in...
  12. susanlindsey

    Coast Starlight discussion

    April 14 Coast Starlight, number 11 train, cancelled due to landslides. No alternative travel offered. Pieced together a flight and a rental car to get from Seattle to Los Angeles.
  13. susanlindsey

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Thanks, that's perfect. I needed to know if it has celery for my onboard DIY Waldorf salad.
  14. susanlindsey

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    What vegetables are included with the crudite with hummus from the Café car? Do they sell fresh whole fruit like apples or bananas? Thanks
  15. susanlindsey

    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    I wondered about that 🧐
  16. susanlindsey

    Coach restrooms

    Do you think it's OK to use my own cleaning stuff like Lysol wipes or air freshener spray like Ozium in the coach restroom for my own comfort?
  17. susanlindsey

    Coach restrooms

    Me, headed to the bathroom in coach
  18. susanlindsey

    Coach restrooms

    Just ordered a box of plastic gloves to take along with me in coach on April LD routes.
  19. susanlindsey

    Great American Train Stations

    Union Station, Washington, DC. As much as I love to visit others, for 60 years this one has always felt like coming home.
  20. susanlindsey

    Most interesting encounter(s) on a train

    The two middle aged ladies from Australia who were trekking around the USA in coach and changed each night into onesies (like these from Lily Pajamas). They took their tea in the observation car in their PJs before changing for the day.