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  1. Widfara

    A day in the life on the Eaglette

    Have you noticed that they don't usually bother with an alert when the eaglet is late? 22 today left San Antonio on time, lost an hour and a half before San Marcos, lost another hour before Cleburne.
  2. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    I have stayed at a lot of hotels for multiple days, and have (usually in cities) had an 'incidentals' (read 'damage') deposit put on my card. This is the first time I've seen a daily deposit, as if they think that in three days I could do significantly more damage.
  3. Widfara

    A day in the life on the Eaglette

    I have heard they sometimes add a coach between Chicago and St Louis.
  4. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    My Doubletree Newark stay was disturbed by the total failure of PATH due to a switch problem on Thursday morning, April 26th, necessitating a ride into the city on New Jersey Transit, which did cross-honor my ticket (Don't see how anyone could've got through to check, as the train was jammed. I...
  5. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    I am staying at the DoubleTree in Newark, New Jersey, and yes, it is convenient, with the option of PATH, New Jersey Transit, or Amtrak to get into NY City. It's a bit pricey, at $644 for three nights, but what the heck. One odd thing: They take an 'incidentals' deposit of $75 for each day, so...
  6. Widfara

    New York Penn Station v3.0

    It is available, not behind a paywall, but you have to fight repeated attempts to subscribe.
  7. Widfara

    Crescent discussion

    My last trip on the Crescent I had a bedroom, and when the non-attendant made up my bed, she did not get the mattress down, just put the sheets on the seat cushions. Had I seen it when she was doing it, I'd've said something, but in the event, I got the mattress down and made it up right...
  8. Widfara

    Keystone discussion

    New passenger facilities, same old tracks, running at near-maximum capacity. Dispatchers constantly juggling trains and tracks to get them in and out.
  9. Widfara

    New York Penn Station v3.0

    Everybody but the people who operate MSG want them gone.
  10. Widfara

    Changing to an earlier connecting train at the last minute

    My pastor and family went by Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle to Los Angeles, with a connection to San Diego (via the bustitution). The SL/TE got in way early, so without them asking, they were put on an earlier train, no extra charge. Amtrak ticket folk there seemed to be right on top of things.
  11. Widfara

    Sacramento RTD light rail

    But you might think "Hey! it's right by a light rail station; maybe a path through the hedge?
  12. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Stayed there last fall. Rooms are small (I'm 6' 6") and kinda dated, but clean, and the beds are comfy. Easy walking distance to Onion Station, decent, but pricy restaurants nearby. Drugstore a block away to buy things you've forgotten, like nail clippers. They also sell wine!
  13. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    I've stayed there twice, and was not distressed. I felt that it was acceptable, if not marvelous. But since I no longer wish to stay over in the bay area, and can do my transfers in Sacramento, it is moot. But I do miss ButtercuP.
  14. Widfara

    Equipment failure on the Texas Eagle

    I see that the Eaglet has been cancelled today. Ice storms. It is pretty frightful out here right now. Since we don't get this weather too often it doesn't make fiscal sense to have tons of equipment. Glad I can stay home, and so far my electric cooperative (Bluebonnet) has done a good job...
  15. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    Also, the Jack London Inn, right on the Embarcadero, cheaper than Hyatt, two blocks to the Oakland Station.
  16. Widfara

    Select, Select Plus, Select Executive population

    I just got an email promoting me to Select Plus for 2023. Nice. Was facing being dropped to Select Minus.
  17. Widfara

    Coast to coast in April

    Do not count on same day connections. The week before I did a seven hour connect from the Texas Eaglet to the Lake Shore Limited (which went fine for me), the Texas Eagle was 11 hours late into Chicago. And, yes, it is probably a guaranteed connection, but they don't guarantee the sleeper.
  18. Widfara

    Bedroom for 1?

    Any future train trips will be bedrooms for me, myself, and I. Especially on the Viewliners. The roomette's bed is so ridiculously narrow, and gets narrower still down by the foot.
  19. Widfara

    Coast Starlight discussion

    What's with the Coast Starlight? It doesn't seem to be running every day but I can't find any details on the Amtrak site. For instance, there was no departure from LA this morning.
  20. Widfara

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    I've stayed twice at the Clarion Hotel Airport in Portland ME. It is walking distance to the Amtrak station, and a pleasant walk into Portland, or there is a decent city bus system. Good rates, decent rooms, and there is a laundry room in the building. Ananias Market across Congress has decent...