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    Cape Flyer seasonal service

    The commonwealth yanked the funding because the railroad was skimming the books.
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    Amtrak San Francisco

    Amtrak - San Francisco, CA (SFC) Closed in 2015.
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    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    Yes, a cruise offers a much better value at a much lower price.
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    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    I am starting think that Amtrak's goal is to make sleeper service non-taxpayer funded. Charge crazy high fares and provide mediocre food and service. If people continue to pay for it they will keep the sleeper service at premium prices and show profitability. If not they will end it and blame...
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    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    I have to agree with you. I don't understand who is paying these prices and I don't how Amtrak can justify it. Chicago to Seattle is a trip I would like to take but like you I will take the cruise instead.
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    MBTA discussion

    This is great news. Next take away their parking passes and make them ride the MBTA to work every day.
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    MBTA discussion A breakdown in safety communication at the MBTA led to four “near misses” in the past 30 days, incidents where employees were almost struck by trains. Chief Safety Officer Ron Ester said Thursday...
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    Lake Shore Limited discussion

    I still preferred the heritage sleepers on the Lake Shore limited. I know they couldn't last forever but I thought the Viewliner was a downgrade in comfort and amenities. The ViewlinerII is a step-up but still not close to the level of the Pullman.
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    Amtrak long term service cancellations and restorations (2022-2023)

    As of 2:32 am PT, California Zephyr Train 6, scheduled to depart Emeryville (EMY) on 4/7 is canceled due to severe weather. For reservation assistance, call or text 1-800-872-7245. 5:34 AM · Apr 7, 2023 · 1,035 Views Yesterday Southwest Chief train 4 was cancelled. What is going on in...
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    MBTA discussion

    So their accounting system allowed this for 7 years. Keolis is either incompetent or there are others involved. Pigsley was scrapping thousands of pounds of copper wire daily, sometimes twice a day.
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    MBTA discussion BOSTON – The former Assistant Chief Engineer of Facilities for Keolis Commuter Services (Keolis) and the former general manager of a Massachusetts-based electrical company...
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    NEC overnight and late evening service

    Yes, the sleeper was a 2021 addition. I rode in it May of 2021.
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    MBTA discussion "Occupancy rates on any given day in Boston office buildings are just 30 to 50 percent, said Tyler McGrail, executive managing director of the Boston office of the commercial real estate firm Newmark, during a market...
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    MBTA discussion

    I also think that the MBTA lost a lot of talent and expertise to retirement between 2010 and 2015 and did not find adequate replacements. The MBTA has been a disaster zone since the 2015 blizzard and shows no signs of recovering. Hopefully someone is taking notes at the MBTA and they are...
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    MBTA discussion

    Downtown Boston during the weekday is not what used to be. Not even close. Closed storefronts on every corner. The tourist areas might have rebounded some but I see and know where all the closed down restaurants used to be. Walk through the Park Square Building during your lunch break. The...
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    MBTA discussion

    I see no issues with this Herald story. They printed facts. Anyone with eyes can see that ridership is way down. Walk around downtown Boston during lunchtime and anyone can tell it's shell of its former self. And I don't know if it is every going to change. I have been wondering for...
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    MBTA discussion The MBTA will have to dip further into its reserves to balance its fiscal year 2024 budget, to account for a significant dip in ridership that agency leadership says will likely never...
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    MBTA discussion The MBTA was hit with six violations from its state safety oversight authority, after inspectors observed multiple trains “overshooting” station platforms, defective third rail insulators and...
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    MBTA discussion

    "However, an observer of the T’s project pointed out that in New York City, the much-larger Metropolitan Transportation Authority was able to get its contactless payment system up and running faster and at a lower cost than the MBTA. “They’re up and running and going and the T’s system is...
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    MBTA discussion The MBTA does not expect to fully implement its nearly $1 billion automated fare collection system in 2024, as previously planned, effectively pushing back a project that was already three...