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  1. Bob Dylan

    Western Canada forest fires

    This so reminds me of how much I miss visiting Canada and riding the Canadian! I'm starting to plan a Winter trip to the Great White North to visit relatives and friends around Toronto, and then ride the Canadian to Vancouver while I still can!
  2. Bob Dylan

    Western Canada forest fires

    Usual great pics and trip report Bill, thanks for sharing!
  3. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    Some truth in your post but the Texas Eagle is a 32+ Hour Trip between Chicago and San Antonio, and needs a Sightseer Lounge, Traditional Dining and another Sleeper! Being a Prisoner in your Room or Seat ( Coach) for 32+ Hours is NOT worth what Amtrak is charging for this Train!!!
  4. Bob Dylan

    Should Amtrak restore service to Grand Central Terminal, NYC?

    I'll have a Gibson and the Brook Trout for Dinner as we roll up the Hudson!😁😉
  5. Bob Dylan

    Deadly accident in India 6/2/23

    I m sure our friend jis has good answers to your questions Jamie! Hope Summer is being kind to the Continent, we're off to a Hot and Humid start here in the Lone Star State! Hi to Rosie!!!🥰
  6. Bob Dylan

    Car Washer in Chicago

    According to a post in trainorders, the Car Wash in the Chicago Yards is fixed and we should start seeing Cleaner consists on the Trains that come out of Chicago! Let's hope so, most Amtrak Trains right now are absolutely Filthy on the Outside!!!
  7. Bob Dylan

    Leftover points

    😎Sure, book Biz Class or Coach for day trips. You didn't say where you lived but if you're fortunate enough to have an Amtrak Route close by with multiple Daily Trains, that's a great idea!
  8. Bob Dylan

    Hickory Creek excursion

    Nice trip and pics, thanks for sharing! As wonderful as Hickory Creek is, the Tavern-Lounge looks like a nice ride too. I have fond memories of riding on the NEC Corridor in Lounge Cars like this back in the day. As for $50 being " a Bargain" for Coach from NYP-BALT, it's 187 Miles...
  9. Bob Dylan

    Sunset Limited discussion

    #2/#422 changes Engineers and Conductors in Alpine( 400 Miles West of SA)which are based in San Antonio. Since a UP/ Amtrak Replacement Crew had to be rounded up in San Antonio to staff the Sunset, ( the original Crew timed out), it took awhile to notify the replacements, and then transport...
  10. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak & VIA Rail Across 2 Nations

    Great pics Bill! I haven't Been in Rochester since the New Station was built. Sad to see the once Grand Central Station in Buffalo still mostly unused after years of attempts to bring it back to life!🥺
  11. Bob Dylan

    Fare Buckets - and when do they increase/decrease?

    Not as much as you think! The Looney is weak right now against the Greenback, so the exchange Rate for those with American Dollars gives us a big discount when visiting the Great White North!( especially in the Winter when Discounts are more frequent on VIA)
  12. Bob Dylan

    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    AMManagement Logic: We've hired more OBS and Craft Employees,, Congress gave us Lots of Money, and with the Summer Busy Season starting, let's cut the consists of the LD Trains so we can Max out Revenue by Pricing everything @ High Bucket! Aren't we doing a Great Job of Managing!!!!
  13. Bob Dylan

    Analysis of the Gardner/Harris May '23 train rides, intentions, speculations

    Not mentioned in the PR Release: We really enjoyed our Meals prepared by our Chef and served by our hand picked Attendant in our Private Car Beechgrove. Also, we slept like Babies in our Private Rooms, which were not part of the Regular Train consist.
  14. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak Status Maps

    It's working for me now. John had put it on a Temporary Site but it's back as Amtrak Status Maps("
  15. Bob Dylan

    Steel Rails Newsletter

    Based on Amtraks recent "Track Record "( pun intended) for acquiring New Equipment, it'll only be about 10 years before the New LD Cars would be put into service! Since Amtrak has such a good Maintainence Record,what could possibly go wrong with the current equipment during this decade ????
  16. Bob Dylan

    Western Canada forest fires

    We're getting some of that Smoke( Haze) down here in Central Texas now that a Norther Blew through and the Sun is out !
  17. Bob Dylan

    Western Canada forest fires

    Hoping VIA is kind to yall( they usually are) and gives you a nice refund! We're looking forward to hearing about yalls trip, both the Train and the Cruise Journeys, and any pics you took!
  18. Bob Dylan

    A day in the life on the Eaglette

    This is pretty much an every day occurrence for the Eaglette now thanks to UP Freights, and problems with the Single P-42 that pull this Orphan Train!🤬