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  1. J

    Points gone - missed using

    When Covid became an issue we had points hubby & I on separate accounts. I haven't been paying attention lately and noticed I now have 0 points. is there any way I might be able to get them reinstated? I will probably be traveling now, but didn't feel comfortable in 2021 and just now feeling...
  2. J

    Booking online/Amtrak website

    You are so right - the pictures are nothing - no real information anymore. And, as far as e-mail = I also found that phone works best - takes more time - and in some instances it depends on who you get on the phone. I've gotten so if the phone person says "I'm e-mailing this/that" and I don't...
  3. J

    Southwest Chief Question

    Thanks all for the info - The Balloon Festival date now explains better the cost of the rental car. We actually needed the rental car to travel further south (train doesn't go) Alamagordo - which is also having some sort of event nearby "atomic bomb site" very seldom open - but same weekend...
  4. J

    Southwest Chief Question

    Hubby checked rates for the Oct 1st date and the rental at the Airport was $800 at Enterprise. I couldn't believe how high it was. The cab fare to Airport was $25 at least on the site he went to. Usually Downtown hotels are pretty pricey, but I think yrs ago we stayed overnight then went the...
  5. J

    Southwest Chief Question

    Z thanks for the info - hubby could get as far as "roomette", but said it was something like $800. However, he never was able to get 2 people , but you explained that. We'll try again. used to be very straight forward. Will try Google for the rental cars.
  6. J

    Southwest Chief Question

    Thank you, Also seem like their website is less user friendly, can't find how to add a person. to find our cost for 2 people. and how to add a roomette. Might be too late to get the roomette anyway.
  7. J

    Southwest Chief Question

    Been awhile since we've been on the SWChief or anywhere for that matter :) Does it still go daily? Do they still serve meals (or provide) for sleeper till 7 PM ? Is it on time - going to Albuque, NM (sp). Any rental car places near by? Took the train many years ago - thanks for any info can...
  8. J

    Where to find expiration date of points

    It's doubtful I'm traveling anywhere the rest of this year - where will I find the expiration date of my rewards. I know there was something in 2020 that extended, but not sure for how long. If I gave some points to another or they do me, would that extend my ending date? Thanks for any info.
  9. J

    SWC ABQ going west if late need hotel

    Hopefully coming from East going West Train will arrive close to on time in Albuquerque, NM as have rental car reservation --- if not will need a hotel either nearby or within low cost taxi ride. Rental Car office is about a mile from the train station. Any low cost (safe area) hotels that fit...
  10. J

    Menu Changes (October 2017)

    It seems like the french toast selection - for breakfast is gone - I really liked that one. and I will NOT be trying the Mussels had them once at a restaurant - one time too many! Hope they bring back the french toast for breakfast
  11. J

    Southwest Chief Questions

    Great ideas - glad there's dinner :) Yes, West bound - good idea about the hotel -- seem to be cutting it really close about the rental car even if only a 1/2 hour late then getting taxi to rental agency. Will definately look at that option closer.
  12. J

    How to get rewards number on reservation already made

    I tried to sign up for the double points initially just to sign up, but there was only book the trip. at that point I wasn't ready -- especially because of the evoucher being 4 days past (the reason for having to go through customer service - to see about waiving that). I'll go ahead and call...
  13. J

    Southwest Chief Questions

    Have a sleeper reservation: Leaving out at 6:40 p.m. is that past the supper hour as far as the diner serving? Arrival Time?? Should I plan on the train 'probably' not arriving on time to ABQ, Albuqure (sp) NM (if that's the case -- are there hotels nearby so I could pick up my rental car the...
  14. J

    How to get rewards number on reservation already made

    I made reservations via Amtrak customer service due to an issue with the e-voucher - the reservation was done -- Now I realized that the person didn't ask for the rewards number. Am I out of luck getting the double points or any points?
  15. J

    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    Thanks for all the great advice. Sounds great to go to Santa Fe, but no time. I'll ck out Hertz, though have often found it more expensive. I believe the hotel may be an option and pick up the car the next morning -- will have to keep in contact with the rental agency.
  16. J

    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    Thanks everyone - looks like I'll need to call Enterprise to ck if train is late if the Airport location honors the downtown price. My trip will be after Sept 4th.
  17. J

    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    Thanks I ckecked prices - and the airport cost of rental is significantly (around $200.00 for a wk) higher than renting at one of the other locations. My concern is that the train is 'suppose' to arrive at 3:55 p.m. and the locations (not airport) all close at 6 p.m. -- hopefully whatever is...
  18. J

    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    Taking the Southwest chief in the fall and will have to rent car when arrive. Is there rental cars places within walking distance of the station? Thanks
  19. J

    Can I donate, sell my e-voucher?

    I Received a voucher for refund of portion of ticket when I changed reservation. The deadline is Sept. to use. I'd like to sell/give it or donate to charity to sell. It appears like it's non-transferable is there a way to deal with it. Last yr. I'd accidentally made the wrong reservation and...
  20. J

    Capitol Limited - WAS to Chicago trip report

    Sleeper - The Acela Lounge was fantastic - greeted by maybe his name was Lannie - friendly and helpful since it was our first time in that lounge. Left our bags while we went sightseeing before we had to leave. Absolutely love the lounge. We got on board the train - though it was quite a walk...