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  1. Dixie

    Rocky Mountaineer railfanning May 24

    Hello all,hi from the Rocky Mountaineer Rockies to the Red Rocks. Someone has been railfanning the train today as we travel from Glenwood Springs to Denver. Would love to see the photos! If any of you know who this is, please pass the word. Thank you!
  2. Dixie

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    Hello from the Silver Star 92 today. We have 3 coaches and 4 sleepers, which alternate new/old/new/old with the Santee River and Portage River Of note also, the FTL station hours have been adjusted due to the schedule change. Rather than opening at 8:20a, station now opens at 11:30a and closes...
  3. Dixie

    Question about Osceola IA / no baggage service

    Thank you very much!
  4. Dixie

    Question about Osceola IA / no baggage service

    Osceola, IA, says it has no baggage service. Will be traveling with a collapsible push wheelchair and maybe a roller/walker. How is this handled when the station has no baggage service? Traveling to/from Chicago. Would it be better to go in coach or a bedroom? Thanks.
  5. Dixie

    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    Disney does quite a bit of cruise business out of Miami (and 3x/week out of Port Canaveral/Cocoa), so it's in their best interest to play nice with Brightline to provide train service from the World to PortMiami and keep those guests in the Disney bubble, so to speak. With three new ships...
  6. Dixie

    Closest mountain hotels/cabins to Amtrak in GA or SC? I'm in Jax FL

    I drive to Columbia to take the Silver Star to Florida. It would be a simple train trip from JAX-CLB, but I think the rental car would be the biggest issue -- Silver Star arrives at the station 4am-5am if running on time. You'll not find rental agencies open at at that hour, and the Columbia...
  7. Dixie

    Travel Insurance? Don't!

    This topic falls under my line of work, but I am not an insurance agent. There are a lot of reasons you may want to purchase travel insurance: Protect your investment in the trip -- if you can't afford to lose the full amount you've paid for the trip before going, you may want to consider...
  8. Dixie

    Construction of Roanoke Amtrak Platform

    @WestBerkeleyFlats I don't know how familiar you are with Northeast Tennessee, but there isn't one person who divides the Tri-Cities of Johnson City / Kingsport / Bristol into separate entities for any reason except for taxes and public services. Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport are each...
  9. Dixie

    Questions (wheelchair access, etc.)

    Go to YouTube, there are some videos of the accessible sleeper accommodations to give you an idea of the space you would have. Pretty sure there's no way in a power chair to move through the sleeper car from the room to any other part of the train, however, the corridors are very small. Check...
  10. Dixie

    Construction of Roanoke Amtrak Platform

    I don't know much about how Amtrak factors population centers into their decisions, but ... Roanoke MSA (metropolitan statistical area) population, according to a quick google is in the 300,000 range. Tri-Cities TN CSA (combined statistical area) population (of which Bristol is a part) is over...
  11. Dixie

    Construction of Roanoke Amtrak Platform

    More details:
  12. Dixie

    Construction of Roanoke Amtrak Platform

    Good news -- "The work is expected to take 300 days to complete." ... and on to Bristol, we hope ...
  13. Dixie

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    Just rolled out of Miami yesterday morning on the Silver Star. Lots of new baggage cars sitting in the yard there, 10+ by my count. We were rolling before I realized what i was seeing and started counting.
  14. Dixie

    Catching the silver meteor after a cruise

    We are just off the Silver Star this morning after a cruise that debarked in Miami yesterday. We left the ship at 8:25 am and were in a taxi by 9 am. The train departed Miami at 11:50 am. It worked out great. if the Silver Star serves your route, it's a much better option. And always get trip...
  15. Dixie

    Silver Star has new Café menu and no diner

    Departing Friday on the Star from Columbia bound for Miami. A week later we'll be making the return journey. It would be nice to have the full dining car back but oh well. The posted Cafe menu does not inspire confidence in my meals for those two days. We've had some really enjoyable times in...
  16. Dixie

    Southeast Flooding (October 2015) - Weather related cancellations

    Numerous roads and bridges have been washed out in the Columbia area. I would be surprised if the railways didn't have some damage.
  17. Dixie

    Miami station?

    Good info. Thanks!
  18. Dixie

    Southeast Flooding (October 2015) - Weather related cancellations

    Judging by the police scanner I'm listening to right now, there is a lot of flooding in downtown Columbia in the vicinity of the Amtrak station. They're pulling a lot of people out of stranded vehicles.
  19. Dixie

    Miami station?

    What is the status of the Miami station move? I know they are planning to move it to the new airport intermodal center, but that was delayed due to poor planning for the length of the trains blocking a road. I just haven't been able to find a status update in a while. We just booked a roommette...
  20. Dixie

    dining car question

    Have a magical trip! We like to travel to Disney via the Kissimmee station.