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  1. saxman

    Runway Incursion and near miss at JFK

    Here's my take. I'm willing to bet the pilots were all prepped up to takeoff on 31L as they were using both 4L and 31L at intersection KE. Aircraft departing 4L will cross 31L at K, crossing behind departing aircraft on 31L. During preflight, we usually have a good idea to which runway we are...
  2. saxman

    Longest flight experiences

    Longest non-stop as a passenger was on the Qantas DFW-SYD flight on the A380 in coach, about 17 hours. Even longer was SIN to IAH with a stopover in Manchester on Singapore Airlines A350. We had to get off in MAN and clear security again. Luckily that was in business class. As crew, the longest...
  3. saxman

    Station upgrades - Grand Forks

    GFK was my home station while I was in college. I used it many times and had many friends that used the train for transportation to and from their home towns. It's a small station on the edge of town since the line doesn't go through downtown.
  4. saxman

    Transport Companys' handling of Daylight Saving Time

    It left Devils Lake at 1:34 AM. Soon after that 2 AM came and the time became 1 AM between DVL and GFK. So it left GFK at 1:58 AM, after the time change had occurred. Instead of being nearly 2 hours late, it became only 1 hour late. It didn’t need to dwell in the station anywhere.
  5. saxman

    Amtrak potential service reduction due to staff shortage

    I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed here yet. I've seen several sources that Amtrak is planning to reduce back to 3 day a week operating schedule due to staffing issues. Expect an announcement later this month.
  6. saxman

    Do major airline disruptions ever affect Amtrak?

    I always forget those are Crescent tracks when I pass through CLT. Its usually dark or I’m asleep when we pass by.
  7. saxman

    Interesting Article Opposing High Speed Rail

    He even went on to talk about Japan's failure of the Shinkansen. Literally even anti-transit article that gets circulated is by him and him alone, (along with maybe Cox). I haven't seen anything from Cox in quite a long time though. Whats even more bizarre is that he calls himself a rail fan.
  8. saxman

    Do major airline disruptions ever affect Amtrak?

    I use to operate the MKE-ORD flights all the time. We taxied out of MKE one day and ATC put us on a ground delay because of fog so we went back to the gate. Sometimes I wouldn't go back to the gate and wait it out, but on such a short flight I figured a few people might want to make alternate...
  9. saxman

    Back to the drawing board for LaGuardia AirTrain

    More Subway extension talk. Maybe there is more support after all? NYC subway extension to LaGuardia idea gains steam after Cuomo’s AirTrain nixed
  10. saxman

    Do major airline disruptions ever affect Amtrak?

    The answer is pretty much no. Maybe a tiny handful of savvy travelers turned to Amtrak if they were on the West Coast and they were only going a short distance but that's about it. SkyWest operates flights mostly west of Chicago, Houston, and Dallas with a huge presence on the West Coast too...
  11. saxman

    Back to the drawing board for LaGuardia AirTrain

    Extending the Astoria line makes the most sense but is being blocked by NIMBY's in the area. Seems so odd in a city with a huge subway system though.
  12. saxman

    Large plane discussion

    The 767s I’m familiar with have the suction toilets. I’m sure they were updated over the years like everything on the 757/767 has been. Some have glass cockpits now too.
  13. saxman

    Did Amtrak remove the bathrooms from the Viewliner train roomettes?

    Yes, the new Viewliners II no longer have toilets in the roomettes. I believe there is still a fold down sink. The older Viewliners still have the toilets.
  14. saxman

    Big Rail Investments at New York Airports Fall Short on Promises of Connectivity

    For a few years, MTA ran the JFK Express train from Manhattan to Howard Beach from 1978 to 1990. They charged a premium that actual conductors collected. You still had to take a shuttle bus between HB and the terminals. It was eventually ended due to low ridership.
  15. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    Yeah, those small crossing arms can be all over various places. The bike trail is all along the route and I plan on riding it when it gets cooler.
  16. saxman

    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    I can see the SSL not running for some time. The brunt of Ida damaged several cities just west of New Orleans along the US90 corridor. LaPlace, Morgan City, Houma to name a few, are flooded. I have no idea what the track conditions are. I'm sure BNSF is eager to get things back into service...
  17. saxman

    Bad Time for Airlines, too

    It seems to be a perfect storm for the travel industry (if not for everything). Domestic travel is up. Airlines and Amtrak are understaffed. Amtrak's premium LD routes were shutdown during peak season. Hotels are understaffed and often sold out. Rental cars are impossible to find if not...
  18. saxman

    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle into Los Angeles

    If the Sunset Limited is late into LAX, they will likely put you on the Thruway bus to Bakersfield to take the San Joaquin to Emeryville or Sacramento to catch up with the Coast Starlight. This, of course, is a bummer because you'll miss the best scenery of the CS. Since you're on a rail pass...
  19. saxman

    Has anyone here done every (current) Amtrak route, end to end?

    I've ridden every single LD train end to end or some combination thereof multiple times. The only Amtrak trackage I'm missing is the last few miles of the Wolverine from Royal Oak to Pontiac, MI, and Galesburg to Quincy, IL. I covered the Roanoke, VA extension back in July is this year. If you...
  20. saxman

    Where should one change planes? London or New York? or somewhere else?

    Right now, there are no flights from BWI to any NYC airport. It appears AA will start one flight a day to JFK and Delta will start some flights in 2022. Nothing appears to be going to EWR any time soon. So if BWI is the best option for you, I'd probably connect in LHR on BA. I've heard some...