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    Best way to get upgrade as a new Select status member

    Thank you everyone. Stayed up until 12:10a and applied it immediately with no issues. I appreciate everyone’s guidance.
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    Best way to get upgrade as a new Select status member

    Hello. I’m having an issue applying my upgrade coupons to our Acela tickets for tomorrow. I’m guessing it’s because I’m not within my 12 hour window yet? Figured I’d ask here before I called AGR later today. Attached picture is the error I’m getting. I booked these tickets three months ago...
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    Commuter rail to an Amtrak station

    Yeah, that would be easier. Thank you!!! I don't know how I missed that on the timetable I had saved. For some reason, I thought the Meteor skipped Kissimee. That's a much better answer than what I was trying to conjure up!!!
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    Commuter rail to an Amtrak station

    Oh, they do. But Thruway busses aren't Mrs. Fat_Panda_Guy's style. I'll be hard pressed to convince her to join me on this trip. Never mind jumping on a Mears bus in Tampa to then go to Orlando to take a train to Savannah to take an Uber to whatever downtown hotel we choose. No. Sadly, Mrs...
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    Commuter rail to an Amtrak station

    Joel, can you expand on the parking situation at Orlando? Just moved to Tampa and was contemplating a weekend trip to Savannah since we'd never been. However, we'd want to do the Meteor with the earlier arrival time into SAV than the Star, so we'd need to get on in Orlando. Or, we just drive...
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    California Zephyr: consist?

    Thank you everyone for your guidance. I saw the CZ #5 was cancelled from SLC to EMY for this Thursday and I was supposed to fly home out of SLC early Friday morning. Instead I'm taking the #1005 from SLC to RIC where I'll take BART end to end to SFO and fly home Saturday morning instead...
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    California Zephyr: consist?

    I'm going to be in SLC for a few days and instead of flying back east, I'm contemplating taking CZ to RIC then BART to either SFO or OAK. Train is currently at 30%, so I'm hoping I'll have my choice of roomettes when I call. Going west is it more scenic out the north side or south side of the...
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Sleeper Transfer?

    Thanks for asking, and my apologies for never following up here. As it turns out, the conductor and the OBS crews were absolutely fantastic. I could not have asked for a better journey. I was in the D car for train 1, and asked my car attendant how the layover would happen in SAT. I would...
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    Superliner Bedroom C?

    I hadn't thought about the sequence in which rooms get sold, so I guess this makes sense. Do they sell all the E rooms before they sell any D rooms, or do they go car by car by car? Thanks!
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    Another Auto Train Deal

    I had booked SFA-->LOR for 12/30 for myself and my bride. Two of us, car + priority offloading in a bedroom was $1259. Just checked this morning, and the room was now $555. Called and ended up with a $409 refund to my CC after the car and priority fees were accounted for. Moved from Car 5244...
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    Favorite Superliner bedroom?

    This is probably a stupid question, but for clarity’s sake, with Auto Train bedrooms, there is absolutely no way to know which direction the sleeper car is facing, correct? We are in bedroom C, and I’m more concerned about direction of travel than where the outlet is, although I completely...
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    Autotrain Services Drastically Cut?

    Can anyone tell me or give me a link to what a typical A/T consist looks like these days? I can't seem to find anything that's recent (in the last 12-18 months). We are contemplating a northbound trip for our post Christmas travels. As best as I can tell from older posts here and elsewhere...
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    Sleeper Horn Noise and Fumes

    I was on Sunset Limited #1 NOL->TUS last week and was in the sleeper. We were the first car. Through San Antonio, I found the horn to be pretty constant. Annoying at first but then it sort of became ingrained. Once we got past San Antonio and into the desert, it wasn’t an issue. i did notice...
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Sleeper Transfer?

    Quick update here. Previously on “As the Rails Road”, we saw naive but loveable protagonist battling his inner cheapskate demons and due to his indecision had to book the less attractive transfer in San Antonio option. in subsequent weeks, we were able to find the same roomettes for $67...
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Sleeper Transfer?

    I appreciate everyone's input here. After much consideration and battling the demons of my inner cheapskate, I tried to book a roomette online for the #1. Despite showing "1 available at this price", by the time I got to the final page to confirm my booking, I would get a "The room you...
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Sleeper Transfer?

    Thank you folks. That is what I feared. It's silly, but it's the game. Now to get ahold of an agent. Any suggestions for back-dooring into the reservation queue since the 1-800-USA-RAIL line won't even connect for me?
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Sleeper Transfer?

    Good morning folks. Quick question please. I've tried calling Amtrak all morning at 800-872-7245, but I keep getting a "User busy" signal which is just odd. I also did a brief search in these forums for an answer to my question but didn't see one right away. Due to changing plans, I have a...
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    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    If this has been previously discussed in this thread or elsewhere in this forum, my apologies, but, what are your collective opinions on the mask mandate being extended past 9/3? My understanding is that the feds have issued the mask mandate for all transportation sectors through 9/3. We are...