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  1. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Yes. There are two HART routes (Route 5 and Route 39) that have stops across the street from the pedestrian entrance to Busch Gardens.
  2. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Brightline has their "Buzzer Beater" service in Miami. It's not on the schedule however there is a train that leaves from Miami going north 30 minutes after Miami Heat home games. Maybe they could test a southbound train to Miami that leaves Orlando at 11:30pm. If the theme parks close at 10pm...
  3. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    From what I see on my timeline (per Greg Angel) it looks like that will be the case that it will be full hourly service. Weekdays: (Southbound): From Orlando starting at 5am (first train arrives at 8:30am). Last train south is 8:50pm (Northbound): From Miami starting at 6:50am (first train...
  4. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    It looks like Brightline opened the Orlando Station for the media today. Brightline also announced that Orlando ticket sales will launch in May for future dates, with one-way fares starting at $79 for SMART and $149 for PREMIUM. SMART fare bundles for families of four will be available for less...
  5. McIntyre2K7

    Amtrak delays

    This is not good.
  6. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Brightline's latest tweet.
  7. McIntyre2K7

    New Gulf Coast Amtrak service (New Orleans - Mobile, New Orleans - Baton Rouge)

    So I see that there's interest in starting a train from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Would it be possible to just run it all the way through to Baton Rouge instead of having it end in New Orleans...
  8. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Orlando extension

    So there's already LYNX service from MCO to SeaWorld/Universal. LYNX Route 11 serves the Sand Lake Rd SunRail Station during peak hours (5:30am-8am and 4pm-7pm M-F) every 30 minutes. LYNX Route 111 services the Sand Lake Rd SunRail Station as well as SeaWorld from MCO. Service runs every 30...
  9. McIntyre2K7

    Hurricane Ian 2022 (effects on Amtrak)

    AFAIK The City of Tampa has issued mandatory evacuations for Zone A. I know that Uceta Yard is in Zone A and the Tampa Bypass Canal is about 500 meters from the yard. Maybe they move the engines to Winston Yard.
  10. McIntyre2K7

    Downtown Hub for Amtrak in Atlanta proposed

    Maybe Atlanta to Miami via Augusta and Savannah. Once it gets to Savannah you just have it follow the same route as the Silver Star to Miami. Then have the Silver Meteor go down the FEC to Miami after it leaves Jacksonville. It might add some time but have it go through Athens and build a...
  11. McIntyre2K7

    Ideas for Amtrak to raise revenue

    Maybe they should find a way to get rid of that 750 mile rule. Amtrak can add additional service without needing the states to fund it.
  12. McIntyre2K7

    Crescent discussion

    So the Crescent does make the trip to New Orleans. Amtrak's IT department isn't the best and this is probably a screw up on their end. The two stations after PIC are Slidell (SDL) and New Orleans (NOL).
  13. McIntyre2K7

    VIA headed for strike

    So how is this going to work with tonight's Maple Leaf after it arrives in Toronto? Will that trainset just sit in Toronto until the strike is over?
  14. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    So does Disney not own the land that's highlighted below? If so, that looks like a great place for them to build their own station. It looks like the majority of the Disney buses serve the All Star Movies Resort. So just redirect them to the new station. Have a separate hotel shuttle pick...
  15. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    Disney can throw money at Brightline. I don't think Brightline is going to run trains 24 hours a day. Also in this case you would just 1 round trip each day. One train leaves Miami for Orlando at 6am (vs the first Brightline Train leaving Miami just before 9am). The return trips to Orlando and...
  16. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    From the article: “As many people who are involved in this project are aware, the new route configuration does not support a Disney Springs station and as a result, we don’t anticipate being part of this project," Disney spokesperson Avery Maehrer told Orlando Business Journal. Does anyone...
  17. McIntyre2K7

    Southwest Chief derailment

    You can watch the press conference here..
  18. McIntyre2K7

    Brightline Trains Florida update

    They might be made out of the same material but the 1st class seats are 21 inches wide vs 19 in coach.
  19. McIntyre2K7

    Nice Article on the Coast Starlight

    If you want to get around the paywall, go to the site below: Then add the link to any article you would like to read. Then click, remove paywall. (if this is a violation of the rules, please feel free to remove this post)
  20. McIntyre2K7

    Question: is it possible to take Amtrak between Tampa and Lakeland?

    Correct. I would love to go to the Orlando theme parks for the day and not worry about driving on I-4. Not going to lie, I wish Amtrak could expand and start with the Florida services first. Someone at Amtrak should convince the State of Florida by running a train from Waldo or Ocala (I'm not...