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    Sunset Limited discussion

    Nice, a PSN for PSN. Looking at the "1222" at the bottom and comparing to other announcements, it seems this has been going on for half a year. That's really not nice to put people off in Ontario in the dead of night with no alternate transport...
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    Sunset Limited discussion

    Yeah, it usually gives an arrival & departure time, but sometimes it arrives & departs in the same minute, or doesn't record a departure time, and the location data doesn't show it slowing down or stopping. Maybe just an artifact of the recording apparatus, but it got me suspicious. Here's an...
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    Sunset Limited discussion

    I've been looking through recent data on for the Sunset Limited, and it seems to stop at Palm Springs only sporadically - most days, it looks like it rolls through without stopping, maybe on one of the non-platform tracks. Is Palm Springs treated as a de-facto flag stop...
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    Superliner trains' removal and restoration of cars (2022-2023)

    I saw the northbound Starlight at SLO today (14 of June 3rd) with only one sleeper, 32111, unless I "mis-saw" it. Can anyone corroborate?
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    Humboldt County, California by Amtrak

    Willbridge, I thoroughly enjoy all your stories recounting train travel "back then" - thanks for giving us so many! This prolific uploader of train photos dating back to the late 50s-60s has some of NWP's "Redwood" near the bottom of this page (Puta's UP and pre-Union Pacific Photos). Consider...
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    Refreshed Superliners in service

    I haven't been in there since pre-COVID, but I think the standard in the (before March) sleeper-only revamped diner was tablecloths, yeah?
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    Amtrak consists 2023

    On #14 of Jan. 3rd this year, I rode in a business class car (34512), booked as coach class. No BC car for BC class, and still only 2 coach class cars total. Maybe a temporary equipment shortage of some cause? #11 of Jan. 2nd, which I saw the same day, had a business class car and 2 coach cars...
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    Northbound Coast Starlight doesn't stop at Burbank Airport anymore

    This seems to have started this past Monday, the 21st, and all bookable tickets on the website are showing this continues. Also, from Van Nuys, all stops are 6 minutes earlier until arrival in Martinez, where it has a 12 minute stop, putting it back to its original schedule (this train did not...
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    Photo of Amtrak LAX

    Los Angeles Union Station - southbound Coast Starlight #11 from Seattle on the right, eastbound Sunset Limited #2 to New Orleans (and Texas Eagle #422 to Chicago) on the left. 2/422 departed only a couple minutes after. I rode #11 from San Jose that day, got taquitos for dinner at Cielito...
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    Longest Commuter Rail Trip?

    Probably the longest linked commuter rail trip in California would be Coaster and Metrolink from San Diego to Lancaster. Looks like the trip with the shortest transfers is on weekends, but I wouldn't bet on making them every time. Coaster 675 Depart San Diego 12:20pm, Arrive Oceanside 1:22pm...
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    South West Chief #4 interesting look

    Are these the ones that were sitting outside LAUS? Saw them every time coming in from San Diego.
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    First trip Newbies

    Are you transferring today or tomorrow? Definitely won't make it today (est. 3.5 hrs late at Eugene) but tomorrow seems possible - currently nearly on-time in California.
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    Longest Commuter Rail Trip?

    Reviving a 4-year-dead thread... GO Transit's pilot service extension of their Toronto-Kitchener line to London takes over 4 hours total. This might be the longest single-seat commuter train ride in North America, and certainly close to it if not! Most of the extended portion seems to go no...
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    Station codes for non-Amtrak stations

    Are there station codes for non-Amtrak stations that some Amtrak trains stop at? For example, Northridge and Downtown Burbank on the Pacific Surfliner, or L'Enfant Plaza on the Northeast Regional.
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    Starlight Schedule Change

    I didn't bother editing the original pdf because I couldn't get the icons to render right. So this is the current timetable effective Oct. 25, without station symbols or service symbols, and with worse arrows. Note that connections to/from the Surfliner (including the earlier 761 to 14) must be...
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    New Pacific Surfliner timetable effective Oct. 25

    Sure that's fine. Couple more things I found - - 765 actually does have a connecting bus to the bay area, you just can't book a connection to it yet - 794 does have a connecting bus from the bay area - The 794 to 594 connection at LAX is now bookable, but they're still separate trains (unlike...
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    New Pacific Surfliner timetable effective Oct. 25

    New Pacific Surfliner timetables effective October 25th. Amtrak hasn't published their's yet so I made my own by searching Amtrak's digital schedules tool. Several interesting things - Trains per day are 10 SAN-LAX, 4 LAX-GTA, 2 GTA-SLO (each 1 more than now), compared to 13, 5, 2 pre-COVID - A...
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    Here's my picture of Odell Lake. We slowed down for a freight train here so that was lucky too. January 16, 2021.
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    Surfliner Storage Tracks at Goleta

    Because of the bridge work between SLO and SBA in August, an extra Surfliner is staying overnight at Goleta for morning trains 768 and 774. Does it have space to store 2 trains? I thought it only had 1 storage track.
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    California Zephyr busing

    Based on what I've heard, I suppose the tracks through Glenwood Canyon will open significantly earlier than I-70 will?