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    La Plata station gatherings

    Just curious about the group gathering at the La Plata station the last day or two. Anyone know what it's about ?
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    Current consist of # 30 - 29

    I watched #30 go thru Elkhart the last two nights, ( 11 and 12 April on live cam on you tube. ) looked like only four cars. Could not see well enough to ID every car. However I don't think there was a baggage ,lounge or diner. Anyone have any more information ?
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    Secure storage in LAX?

    How safe is the lounge storage ? Is there any other secure baggage storage in LAX ?
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    What happened to the Capitol Limited today (11/6/18)?

    I saw the Capital Lt. going thtu Cleveland west bound at about 9: 30 AM.
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    30,000 points problem ?

    Got a welcome call from BOA today. Thanks for getting and using your AGR BOA credit card. Bla bla bla. Then the young lady talks about my 20,000 bonus points. I say you mean my 30,000 bonus points. No 20,000. No 30,000 I say. She will not confirm 30,000 bonus points. No way no how. I see no...
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    Lack of security in Washington Union Station

    I connected in WAS on two Saturdays. On 7 May and on 21 May. I only saw one security person in the station in about a total of 7 hoursI could not tell what PD the person was from. (Not Amtrak PD ) I may have missed something, however did not see any Amtrak PD. I was in and out for a couple...
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    Cleveland station

    Did the hours of the Cleveland station change ? :help:
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    Station stops WAS--NFK

    Anyone know what the station stops will be on the new WAS--NFK run ? Is there a time table in print yet ? I am interested in Suffolk VA. This could work out better than NPN for me depending on the time.
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    # 29

    As of a few minunets ago. Amtrak phone agent told me # 29 is iffy for 2 Nov. Was told to call back in the early morning. I was hopping that # 30 would get to WAS and be able to turn. We will see.
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    E B connections

    Any information about how connections are being handled in Chicago from the E B to the LSL and the Capitol ? In reference to how late the E B is running. Bussing, overnight, ect. ?
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    Holding trains

    Does Amtrak have a set rule about how long lt will hold a train, to wait for an arriving connecting train ?
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    Portland station

    What is the procedure for the trian change form Starlight NB #14 to east bound Empire Builder #28? Traveling in sleeper from LAX to PDX. Then Empire Builder PDX to CHI. As we will be in the last or next to last car on the train I am wondering about meal service. We are in H bedroom. My wife...
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    Williams Az.

    Will be in Williams one day. Wondering what to do after our tour. Tour will end about 5:00 PM. Going out on west bound SWC. at 10:00 PM apox. Wondering how to fill five hours. Also any information about taxis would be helpful.
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    Consist list

    Looking for E B consist. What is the consist east bound from Spokane ? Need to know where the Portland sleeper will be. Also is there a LD consist list on A U ?
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    Boarding in TOL at 6:00 AM west bound #49 [ Sleeper ]. Does the LSL have a full breakfast routine ? How busy is the diner for breakfast ? Anyone know ? Would having breakfast in our room be adviseable or would this be asking to much of the SCA ?
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    Cincinnati Terminal

    Can anyone tell me just where you board in Cincinnati ? Is it in or near the terminal itself ? A friend of mine took a tour of Tower A. He was told the last pax train left on 28 OCT. 1972. In the hand out given visitors it states that Amtrak resmued service 29 JULY 1991. My friend stands by the...
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    Seattle -Vancouver

    Been looking at a R/T Seattle- Vancouver. Cascades train # 510 out # 517 back. Frist train out from SEA last train back from VAC. Amsnag shows all business class sold out the whole month of April. Did not check any other months. Is that set of trains that busy because of business travelers ? I...
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    Red caps

    Regional trains boarding in Washington is always such a cattle call. Can you get Red Cap service to take you to a regional train ? We will be boarding a thru train, [ # 99 ] south bound. Not as able as we used to be, somewhat slower walkers. [ Breathing problems. ] Is there any priority...
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    This may be in the wrong place and a dumb question. I was on Ebay. Saw a listing for HO Surfliner diner and sleeper cars.I dont think there are such things? However I dont know all there is to know about it. So someone set me straight. :help:
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    Car rental

    Any car rental at or near the new Denver station.