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    Future trip voucher

    Me and a friend had a trip planned last month. We put it on a voucher. I have had thought on doing a trip just myself. Can a voucher be split up or does it have to be used as a whole?
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    Major station usage

    I have seen LAX has partly shut down with just passengers from both Amtrak and Metorlink getting to use the station. What is the status of other large city stations on the system?
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    Letters to Senators from WI Assn of Railroad Passengers (From a Facebook Amtrak group)

    This is the letter sent from the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers (thank to Terry Brown for drafting) to our Senators. If you live in Wisconsin please send it to Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson adding your support to WisARP. If elsewhere edit accordingly and send to your...
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    Open sleeper ticket

    On a upcoming trip in May a friend that is riding with me in the same roomette is set up with open sleeper ticket. It was just announced the station of Newton Kansas(both our departing station) is losing its agent. He is to pick the paper ticket at the station prior to boarding. What are my...
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    Payment option (using 2 different cards)?

    For the first time I made a reservation which I am paying for later. Can you use two different cards for payments?
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    Two passengers with different destinations on same reservation

    On my next trip in May I have a unique issue. The friend I have traveling with is only going halfway on the trip. I am connecting from the SWC to the CS on the same day. How should I handle making the reservation? The full trip is more then four seqments allowed on the multi city screen on the...
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    San Jose CA hotels.

    Thanks for everyone's input on hotels in Burbank. On my next trip I am looking at getting off the Starlight at San Jose and need a hotel that is in the middle of the price range.
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    Burbank CA hotels

    I am starting on plans for a trip next May. On one day I will riding the Starlight from SAC to Burbank. What are some good hotels near the train station for one night?
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    connection with reward points.

    If you do a reservation with rewards point and have a connection, is it a Guaranteed connection? I have a trip upcoming with a connection from the Chief to the River Runner.
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    Rewards booking

    When doing a booking with points what is the difference between the two amount of points on the top of each section of travel? I have been traveling for fiveteen years collecting points  Looking at taken a trip to St Louis and Chicago next month. Any info and help would be helpful. 
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    Change in reservation

    A friend and myself are all ready booked on trip from Newton to Fullerton. I need to add another train to my trip that my friend would not traveling with me. Should I add this to the same reservation or make it separate reservation for the part of the trip?
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    Bob Hope airport

    Is there a way to get from the airport station to the airport without crossing a major street?
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    luggage storage at LAX first class lounge

    I am planning on departing from LAX on the SWC in Nov. Is the baggage storage area a good place to leave bags while exploring the downtown area.?
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    car rental Amtrak San Antonio

    Has any members had an experience renting a car at the station in San Antonio? I am looking at taking the flyer and Eagle to San Antonio on a Thursday. Will be renting the car on Friday morning and returning on a Sunday Evening. Is it possible to return the car before the Eagle leaves San...
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    Long station stop on SWC

    When checking on train status of the Chief lady few days I noticed longer then normal station stops. Any reasons why? Even early morning ones like Newton.
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    SWC delay (1/18)

    While checking statues of number three I noticed it is taking four hours to get from Topeka to Newton. Any ideas why?
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    recent trip on Amtrak

    Oct trip Enid-Erie PA round trip Started the day of Sept 28 like normal going to work at 5 30 AM. Left work about 7:30 AM and headed to the local railroad museum where I volunteer. Was there until noon and headed home. Crashed out around the house getting ready for the overnight trip to Newton...
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    Amtrak app

    Starting this morning I can not get the train status to work right. When I try to enter the station code, the app shuts off. Any member have the same issue?
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    iPhone app

    Is there a way to keep your reservation in the app? Every time I want to pull up my trip, I have to get the number of of the email sent by Amtrak
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    Number 4 (8/23)

    Noticed that number 4 loser three hours between Garden City and Dodge City this morning. Any ideas why?