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  1. PeeweeTM

    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    Hi there! I liked the concept of the trip report from iliketrains. I'll try to update this one every time I've got WiFi. I just departed from Holland. I'll leave with the South West Chief from Los Angeles. And back from Chicago with the Texas Eagle. Oh, and I type this on a smartphone. Below a...
  2. PeeweeTM

    Austin to California and back

    As it happened British Airways had a good (cheap) fare to Austin in September... Below again mostly pictures, with just a few comments. Woke up, walked to the subway, changed to the InterCityDefectDirect to Schiphol. Flight to London was in a 767, the plane was rather empty. In London T5 was...
  3. PeeweeTM

    Trip from Rotterdam to South Bend and further

    Last winter I took a short trip to the US. 25+11 paid vacation days and no car can give someone that freedom. Wife and children will probably be able to take care of themselves.  On January 16th 2018 I started with the metro (subway) to Rotterdam Centraal. In Rotterdam Centraal I changed...
  4. PeeweeTM

    Freighttrain derailment South of Klamath Falls (4/29)

    Just got kicked out of southbound Starlight. We will be bussed to Sacramento. Something about a derailed freighttrain. Hopefully nobody got hurt. My kids are sad...
  5. PeeweeTM

    Budapest to Bucharest

    Pictures say more than a thousand words, some say, so you might want to check But if you're bored anyway, you may want to read the small report below. Exquize my English: I'm not a native speaker and I've studied German language a few years, meaning I have to try to...
  6. PeeweeTM

    Amtrak 5 CZ May 2 - 4 2012

    Hi there! Here's a short trip report from our trip last week. After booking our trip in December 2011, a few weeks before departure, I found on this forum some information about delays for the CZ train caused by trackwork. This would give us a few hours in Denver, to do a short city trip! As...