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    Severe delays yesterday 5/30 for Crescent #19 and #20

    Here's the reason why:
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    Roanoke getting on board !

    Hotels offering shuttle service:
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    First train leaves Roanoke (10/31/17)

    Channel 10 news report:
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    Viewliner Diners on Crescent 19/20?

    Haven't seen one in quite a while. Perhaps the origin/termination at WAS has something to do with it?
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    Timekeeping on 19/20

    For the past few months, timekeeping on 19/20 has been awful. In May it was on time 6.5% of the time. Part of the problem of course is Norfolk Southern, but, since the schedule change on 19 account NYP track work, part of it now goes back to Amtrak. Twice so far 20 has been very late arriving...
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    Business Class car location on 19/20 (Crescent)

    Amtrak began offering Business Class on #19/20 on April 1. At first is was just a regular Amfleet coach cut in between the lounge car and the diner. I have seen a couple of pics on Facebook and a video on YouTube lately that make it look like they've moved the car to the front between the bag...
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    More stupid driver tricks

    A bad couple of days for Amtrak vs stupid drivers: A fatal in Okeechobee, FL A "crushed" empty car in Garner, NC A DUI in Carbondale, IL Another one, empty truck, Seneca, SC A fatal, earlier in the week
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    Man dies after getting hit by train in St. Tammany

    Sleeping on the track. Details here.
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    Grade crossing safety article

    Impatient Drivers Dodge Rail-Crossing Barriers
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    Norfolk Southern to expand Chesapeake yard for Amtrak

    Several improvements being made in the Norfolk area to accommodate new service. Details here.
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    Disorderly ? passenger "ejected"

    Passenger put off in "rural" Ashland, VA
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    New station for Raleigh, NC?

    Details here.
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    Rowland's Greenbrier Express getting back on the rails

    Rowland: I’ll recall laid-off workers By Wayne Laepple Published: November 22, 2011 POTTSTOWN, Pa. – Rail entrepreneur Ross Rowland said Wednesday he expects to recall the 21 workers laid off the week before from the Greenbrier Express renovation project just as soon as engineering work is...
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    Savannah Group Studies Atlanta Rail Link

    Even the backers admit it's a long shot.
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    "10 Things Amtrak Won't Tell You"

    Pretty slanted article
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    Amtrak vs tractor-trailer in FL

    Minor or no injuries, little damage: Story here
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    AMTRAK PREPARES FOR HURRICANE IRENE by Amtrak on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 11:32am Trains operating south of Washington canceled in anticipation of hurricane As Hurricane Irene continues to progress, Amtrak is canceling train service for Friday, Saturday and Sunday operating south of...
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    Look for Crescent #19 to be late today

    Here's the story Amtrak status showed down 45 minutes departing Atlanta - not as bad as I would have thought.
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    Countersuits in Nevada crossing crash

    Here come the counter suits:Trucking company in Amtrak train crash countersues Amtrak, Union Pacific