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  1. AmtrakMaineiac

    Amtrak Inland Route restoration and Albany - Boston corridor service

    I feel this is misguided on Mr. Picknelly's part. His real competition is driving not Amtrak. Better rail service will cause more people to consider using public transportation rather than driving and he might actually get more business if for example someone uses the train one way but finds the...
  2. AmtrakMaineiac

    Longest flight experiences

    Because Qantas stands for Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service, its original name.
  3. AmtrakMaineiac

    New York Penn Station v3.0

    Through running for a commuter/regional rail system only makes sense if you can use it to eliminate multiple stub end terminals, provide multiple downtown destinations, and make operation more efficient. A classic example would be Philadelphia's center city tunnel that allowed elimination of...
  4. AmtrakMaineiac

    A CEO's attention to detail

    See Germany for an example of this happening in a government run system.
  5. AmtrakMaineiac

    A CEO's attention to detail

    It sounds like Italy had a pretty good system, at least when it is not on strike. Although I have no personal experience of it yet (I plan to next year). The various "Freccia*" services sound impressive.
  6. AmtrakMaineiac

    Washington DC Metro discussion

    That sounds a bit dangerous. What happens if someone unknowingly replaces the bulb in a fixture with bypassed ballast with a fluorescent bulb? It would be better if the fixtures for LED had a different pinout to prevent this from happening.
  7. AmtrakMaineiac

    MBTA discussion

    I wonder if there are cars being retired elsewhere that might be in better shape than the Pullmans. I'm thinking of New York's R46 cars that I understand are about to be retired.
  8. AmtrakMaineiac

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    I was fortunate to be able to ride the Vermonter back when it ran via New London and the New England Central (former CV) route as far as Randolph when I went to visit my parents who were staying in Warren. Some rare mileage on what was normally a freight only line as far as White River Jct. I...
  9. AmtrakMaineiac

    MBTA discussion

    According to this article the first lines to electrify would be Providence/Stoughton and Newburyport/Rockport and would be pilot projects and only partial. I'm not sure if the latter means not all trains are electric, or that the entire lines are not electrified. For Providence/Stoughton, if...
  10. AmtrakMaineiac

    Downeaster discussion

    I was under the impression that they would use the dual modes for the Downeaster mainly for commonality of equipment with the NEC fleet. If the MBTA electrifies to Haverhill that would be a bonus, although since the Downeaster is routed to the Lowell line via the Wildcat in order to serve...
  11. AmtrakMaineiac

    Hotels convenient to Amtrak

    One minor station worth stopping off at is Freeport ME on the Downeaster route. There are 2 places I have stayed at and can recommend, both are within walking distance of the station on Route 1. The Harraseeket Inn and the Brewster House Bed and Breakfast. The Harraseeket has a dining room and...
  12. AmtrakMaineiac

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    You could also continue down the SLR to Yarmouth Jct. where the line crosses the Brunswick Branch. There is a connecting track that would have to be reinstalled for the train to switch to head west on the Brunswick Branch. It would have the advantage of minimizing the amount of the CSX (former...
  13. AmtrakMaineiac

    A CEO's attention to detail

    Or at least those that start South/West of Washington (or North of Albany)
  14. AmtrakMaineiac

    Brunswick to Rockland ME Train Service

    It appears that Midcoast is still pressing forward in spite of the planned closure of Dragon, looking to find other customers and still planning to continue with passenger service. Operator of Maine Branchline Pushes Forward After Largest Customer Calls it Quits
  15. AmtrakMaineiac

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    I agree with this. When you consider that we can't even get a few miles of track upgraded in Quebec for the Adirondack, yet we want to get an entire abandoned or inactive route back in service for a pair of trains per day.
  16. AmtrakMaineiac

    Man blowing whistle as inbound train approaches

    For example, at Crewe for an Edinburg bound Avanti West Coast train. This gentleman took his job seriously. I went to ask him a question and he could not answer as he was in "train departure" mode.
  17. AmtrakMaineiac

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    That route would have the benefit that the line is still in service at least West/North of Danville Jct. The section south of there is intact but OOS from DJ to the B&M Bean plant. They would have to figure out where to put a station in Portland. Originally the line ran across a swing bridge...
  18. AmtrakMaineiac

    Boston - Montreal new rail alignment

    A lot of people from Quebec visit Maine, particularly Old Orchard Beach. I have heard suggestions of restoring service Montreal - Portland - Boston. This would require reactivating the former Maine Central Mountain Division of which only a small portion is still in service between Portland and...
  19. AmtrakMaineiac

    MBTA discussion

    And for Pan Am/CSX/B&E or whatever they are called this week. They also have the possibility of additional rain from Hurricane Lee which is currently tracking further North in the Gulf of Maine but could affect Massachusetts as well.