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    Service Disruption WIL- WAS (2/6/20)

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    Service Disruption WIL- WAS (2/6/20)

    Map shows all trains grayed out between those stations. Currently on 97 stopped 1/2 way. Moderate rain. Big area. Any news???
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    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    Note for the record . . . American, United and Southwest PILOTS - the only US carriers flying the 737Max - have never reported any incident of an equipment malfunction as described by Lion Air and Ethopian Air. In fact United and American executives issued statements/video stating their...
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    Police Activity train 98 (4/8/18)

    Silver Meteor is Sitting between Baltimore and DC for an hour with the cryptic “police activity upfront” - any news???? Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Auto Train Derailment - Auto Racks (3/29)

    Nothing moving south of DC. ANY NEWS. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
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    One more thing

    Norhbound 98 Took on 202 passengers at Orlando. 5 coaches, 3 sleepers. Southbound 97 was in station when we arrived. Kept doors shut until 97 departed 25 minutes later. Station could not handle luggage offload and onload. The craziness was fun to watch. Kiddie break week for Northeast at...
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    National Dining Car Specials/New Menus (April '17)

    MODERATOR NOTE: THIS TOPIC (regarding new menu and new diner on Silver Meteor) WAS MERGED WITH THE EXISTING TOPIC REGARDING NEW NATIONAL MENU. Quesadillas- excellent... Signature dessert - meh. Steak and Shrimp - superlative! Lemon tart - very tart!!! Delicious. Staff asking " How was it...
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    Newest Buy Points Offer

    Whoops! $537.
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    Newest Buy Points Offer

    $565. for 19,500 points. Is it worth it?
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    Wi-Fi on Eastern LD Trains

    On #97 southbound. From Washington to Orlando - so far - there is a 4/4 bar Amtrak Connect signal, but no connection. Soon .. .
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    Southern Railway Rides Again

    Spotted leaving Orlando Today #98 northbound Silver Meteor had a 4 car Southern Railway tail of a Sleeper, Diner, light grey "Passenger Support Car"and Domed rear-platform Parlor Car. The bright red, orange and green undoubtedly did not run out of pork shanks (yum) as the Southbound #97 did...
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    Checking Fragile Items

    My actual question was not clear. I'm bringing it on the Meteor... For wifeys use off the train. . . . She takes the same meds Glenn Frey did . . . It costs $2700 with the lithium battery. The battery comes with a certification it is approved for air travel. I keep the battery in my carry...
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    Checking Fragile Items

    Just bought a Travelscooot mobility scooter for wifey. Spectacular item. 35 lbs, aircraft grade aluminum, folds into a 34"x16"x16" Samsonite wheeled duffle. What are the odds of the motor arriving in one piece if I check it? Can I/they mark it in any way for special handling? Or should I...
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    Silver Service

    Just checked the bedroom price for 2 on the Meteor vs diner free for 2/22. Meteor = $1477 No diner = $744 Does anyone have figures on how the diner-less service passenger load is doing during the "experiment?" Can we expect future short ribs or plastic wrapped sandwiches ?
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    New "No Diner" Extension + New Points calculation

    Got the email my Silver Star northbound in February has no diner car. The experiment is extended to 4/30/16. Probably bring a KFC 20 pc bucket for lunch, dinner and breakfast. So I asked how this related to points when zones disappeared. Using the current 15,000 point cost, the very nice...
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    Service Pony

    Title III of the ADA - public access - deals with miniature horses. They must be individually trained to DO WORK or PERFORM A TASK for the alleged Disabled person. It must be a documented service animal. A therapy animal is not defined under Federal statute. Methinks lowering blood pressure...
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    Silver Star Update

    Checking pricing for Star-Meteor for Oct-Nov NYP to MIA. BEDROOM Star $1130 Meteor $1580 Either they are working very hard to "fix" the success of the diner less Star Or Someone was paying $450 per person for Breakfast Two lunches Dinner This is pure BS even figuring in the cost of...
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    Amtrak Derailment Philadelphia (5/12/2015)

    I read it on the internet so it must be true.
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    Silver Star sleeper update

    MACHINES! VENDING MACHINES! Put in a $5.00 bill and get an ice cold egg salad sandwich! I wonder if they will reduce the price of the "no diner" tickets???? HA!
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    Best wireless carrier for Amtrak Silver Meteor

    Amen. ATT is great with a few dead spots on the Meteor passing the Georgia swamps and northern Florida south of Jacksonville. It will pick up again as you approach Palatka.