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  1. iliketrains

    I’m traveling to Texas today from LV via thruway bus & Texas Eagle

    Hello everyone! I am experiencing the thruway bus from Las Vegas to LA Union then boarding the Texas Eagle to Texas. I am at the bus station now and the bus is scheduled to depart in about an hour. I plan to post information and pictures here as I journey. I flew to Vegas but it’s Amtrak back to...
  2. iliketrains

    3-hr plus video report on City of New Orleans-Crescent ride

    Youtuuba just posted Part 1 of his train odyssey on Amtrak from Chicago on the City of New Orleans to New Orleans. Part 1 by itself is 3 hours long. He provides informative details and a high quality video. Part 2 goes from New Orleans to Philadelphia on the Crescent. Part 2 is not posted yet...
  3. iliketrains

    Look Around exterior of Amtrak stations (here's LA Union)

    Apple Maps has a "Look Around" feature that allows you to put in an address and then look around to see what's all around the address. I put in the address for LA Union Station and here are the screenshots. It would be great if folks put in their favorite station's address and then post...
  4. iliketrains

    Call & buy sleeper onboard, will Amtrak subtract coach fare?

    If a coach passenger calls Amtrak and buys a sleeper ticket, is the cost of the coach ticket subtracted from the cost of the sleeper ticket? If that happens then the passenger is paying for a sleeper ticket for the beginning portion of the trip when the passenger actually rode coach. So I guess...
  5. iliketrains

    Is there a secret to booking roomette on Level 1 of the sleeper car?

    Is there a secret to booking roomette on Level 1 of the sleeper car? I thought most folks prefer to be on Level 2. I think Level 1 is better because the bathrooms, changing room/shower are both a few steps away and so is the luggage storage. The swaying is minimal and contrary to popular...
  6. iliketrains

    I am on the Texas Eagle!! Yippee!!!

    I officially now have some street cred as a railman!! I just boarded 421 headed all the way to Los Angeles from Texas!! This trip was kind of impromptu. I will be taking the one I’ve been planning later. As a kid my family traveled Amtrak all the time. As an adult I always had to fly due to...
  7. iliketrains

    #1 Sunset Limited delayed (7/2/19)?

    I'm following Train #1 Sunset Limited closely since I'm planning a trip on the route. It appears to be significantly delayed. It appears that it didn't leave San Antonio at 2:45am this morning like it should have. It appears it's still in San Antonio. I've searched the internet and found no...
  8. iliketrains

    Would a 320lb 6ft2in tall man be comfortable in coach?

    Would a 320 lb 6ft 2in tall man be comfortable in Superliner coach on a 24 hour trip?
  9. iliketrains

    Why is the City of New Orleans cancelled?

    I know I'm just late to the party and every already knows. However, I cant find a thread here explaining why the Amtrak site says the train is cancelled when trying to book a reservation on the City of New Orleans for the next 10 days. Or is this just a website glitch?
  10. iliketrains

    Where can I charge devices on trains 421?

    One more question before my trip starts. In coach on train 421 where can I charge my devices? I understand that these cars were built before the era of smart devices; therefore, each seat does not have an outlet. Exactly where are the outlets? Sightseer car? Dining car? At certain seats in...
  11. iliketrains

    Which 2 cars get decoupled from Eagle and added to Sunset Lmtd?

    On train #421 the southbound Texas Eagle, is it always the last two cars (a sleeper and a coach) that are decoupled and added to the end of the Sunset Limited in San Antonio? In other words, if you board before San Antonio and traveling west of San Antonio, you will be seated in the last two...
  12. iliketrains

    How are dining car reservations made?

    Exactly how are dining car reservations made and how do you know when it's time for your reservation? This is what I think I know: 1) An announcement is made that passengers can now request a reservation. 2) A staff member walks through the train handing out reservations. Does the passenger...
  13. iliketrains

    Which CC's are accepted in cafe and dining cars?

    Are all of these accepted onboard: Amex, MasterCard, VISA?
  14. iliketrains

    What should go into an Amtrak LD care package?

    Which items would you place in a care package for a long-distance Amtrak traveler who would be traveling 24 hours in coach and eating only breakfast and dinner in the dining car?
  15. iliketrains

    Verizon LTE signal on Sunset Limited

    Has anyone with Verizon taken the Sunset Limited lately and can comment on the signal strength onboard the Sunset Limited? This train does not have Wifi; so, I'm wondering if it's worth temporarily modifying my Verizon plan to the more expensive unlimited highest speed LTE plan just for a trip...
  16. iliketrains

    Texas Eagle cancelled today (1/30)...why?

    For some reason the northbound Texas Eagle scheduled to depart today was cancelled.  I did a quick search in Google and didn't find anything.  I'm curious why it was cancelled according to this website...
  17. iliketrains

    Getting from Chicago Union to Chicago O'Hare?

    I am planning an Amtrak trip this summer but do some time restraints,  I will need to fly for a portion of the trip.  I will need to go from Chicago Union Station to Chicago O'Hare Airport. Who has done this before and what do you recommend? I know CTA operates a light rail train that goes to...
  18. iliketrains

    Delete Sunset Limited and Extend Crescent to Houston

    Here is my idea:  Delete the Sunset limited and extend the daily Crescent to Houston (NYC to Houston daily).  Rename the entire Chicago-San Antonio-Los Angeles route the Texas Eagle and operate it daily.  The only leg missing would be Houston- San Antonio.  I lived in Houston for many years and...
  19. iliketrains

    Why is the Texas Eagle 6 hours behind schedule? (11/21)

    My favorite train to ride is the Texas Eagle.  I occasionally, out of curiosity, check to see how well it stays on schedule.  I am shocked that it's 6 hours behind.  For starters it didn't leas San Antonio this morning until about 3 hours after it was scheduled to do so. Now here it late evening...
  20. iliketrains

    valuables left at coach seat when walking to bathroom, diner, etc..

    I know I ask a lot questions but I soon will be traveling Amtrak for the first time in 20 years. I know things are very different now. I will be riding coach long-distance and traveling with things like my laptop and iPad. When I go to the lounge, bathroom, or diner car my electronics will...