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    Changes to check in times (Auto Train) ?

    In the past (our few experiences) I thought that they wanted people to have their cars checked in by 1:30. We board today in Sanford, and I just looked at our tickets: Allow plenty of time to get there. All passengers and vehicles must be checked in by 2:30pm on the day of travel. Has this...
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    Still no change or cancellation fees for new bookings?

    I'm looking at a couple travel dates for the Auto Train for August and October. If I book a bedroom now, and plans change, are they still giving a 100% refund to your credit card? THANKS
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    Price Drop - cancel/rebook... or price match ??

    So - I've got an autotrain trip coming up in a couple of weeks. The bedroom was something like $1250 at the time of booking a few weeks back (upgraded from coach). Now it's $7xx. Will they price match? If not, is it possible to get (with all that's going on) a full refund to my credit card...
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    Auto train delayed again (both?) - what's their excuse/reason this time?

    Looks like both 52 and 53 are running about 5 hours behind, at least the way I read their status.
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    Lojack - Auto Train, any issues? Also, Dining and arrival time question...

    12/20 is coming quick - for our first Auto Train experience! I read something about turning off auto alarms. When I purchased our new auto earlier this year we opted for a Lojack. For those familiar with them, and how the cars are handled on the train, is there anything I'd need to take care of...