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    ISIS derailment threat?

    I was watching Fox News last night and they were discussing low-tech terrorist threats. One threat seems to be attempting to derail Amrtak trains, the faster the train, the better.
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    Track work: Detour or Thruway Bus?

    Are there any general guidelines (historical precedent?) on when Amtrak will detour a train around track maintenance/damage/etc vs suspending train service and using a Thruway Bus?
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    Three random Amtrak questions.

    1) Are Amtrak employees covered by the Railroad Retirement Board or some other retirement system? 2) What recourses are available to the crew in the event of an unusual event onboard? (e.g. Fights, heart attacks, etc) 3) How often are engineers changed? Do they get off at some stop then drive...
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    Pre-Amtrak (ca 1960) passenger rail trivia question.

    When I was a child, in the late '50s and early '60s, as a regular summer vacation trip, my family would travel from Florida to Nebraska by train to visit relatives. One link of the trip was a daylight train from Chicago to Omaha. It must have been a crack train. I recall dome cars and a...
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    Crescent roomette Hattiesburg to DC and back?

    I'm posting this here because it's the only forum where it seems I'm currently open to post. For the first time since I was a kid I'll be taking an overnight train trip in the US. (The last time I took an overnight train trip anywhere was 30 years ago in Sweden.) My wife and I will be traveling...
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    Intermodal connections

    Kind of new here and was wondering how much discussion here is devoted to Intermodal connections. This is what I really like about travel in Europe and Japan. For practical travel, you don't need a car. From the plane you get on the train, the train takes you to near your destination, where you...