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    Amtrak to Iowa City?

    If they ever get the train to Moline, IL (Quad Cities), that would be close, but not sure of the connections. Originally, Iowa was going to have the train extended I think to Iowa City, but they backed out.
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    Live Cams (Chicago Union Station)?

    The only one I know of is Railstream. They have a camera that shows the BNSF line where it makes a sharp turn to & from Union Station. It shows all the trains using the BNSF Aurora line plus those trains using the St Charles airline. It does require a subscription to their service.
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    Charger Led #5 involved in Crash with Concrete Truck near Reno

    I haven't heard how fast the train was going, but it seems the Charger held up pretty well considering a concrete truck is a pretty solid object.
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    Cardinal and Capitol Limited Consists

    That was the westbound consist by the way.
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    Cardinal and Capitol Limited Consists

    Capitol today was 1 loco, 1 baggage, 2 sleepers, diner, lounge, 2 coaches. Seven car winter consist.
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    Amtrak #53 auto Train 9 hours late/Auto Train delays and cancellations Dec 2019

    Off to a great start for the New Year. 52 is currently 8 hours late.
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    Speed, Distance, Direction App for long distance train travel?

    I use DigiHUD. It give you full screen or window option. It give time, speed, max speed traveled, average speed and direction of travel. You can set one trip or multiple segments of a trip. Works off GPS so you don't need internet connection. Works on air planes too. My last flight had a max...
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    Revised Dates for CS Tehachapi Loop Detours

    I will be northbound the 14th & southbound the 15th. Got my fingers crossed.
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    A Modest Proposal

    NY state could probably get the unused portion of the Water Level Route at a very reasonable price if they would agree to eliminate the real estate taxes on all of the route in NY. My understanding is very high state taxes are a big reason RR's remove as many tracks and structures as possible...
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    Thoughts on location for new Atlanta station

    There is a belt line of sorts that leaves the CSX line just east of Hulsey. It crosses the NS line just north of the current Amtrak station. A connection would have to be built, but otherwise the track is there. But as Neroden said, neither the state of Georgia or city of Atlanta are...
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    South Dakota Passenger Rail

    I rode a BNSF special from Lincoln to Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Marshall, Wilmar and St Paul several years ago. The track is all in great shape. It is signaled as stated above by Mark Meyer. But to get to Sioux Falls, you have to back in from Garretson. That took forever! The former Milwaukee...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Contemporary dining is not that bad! It was when it was first introduced, but they have improved the quality of the food and increased the variety. I'm sure this will continue to evolve and improve. For a one night train, I think this is adequate. I do not think it would be adequate for any...
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    You can't see your train selection until right before you pay!

    Yes. The whole website is hard to navigate.
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    Hoosier State last run

    The former train between Lynchburg and Roanoke was the Hilltopper. It's biggest problem was it went via Richmond and Petersburg, then the old N & W to Lynchburg. It was very slow and when I rode it, it only had 2 cars, no food service and 2 passengers, my friend and me. Current train is much better.
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    WSJ article about Richard Anderson

    I heard Gardner worked for BB(Buckingham Branch). I have not been able to verify though.
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    Current Coast Starlight Consist?

    Some of them, if not all, were sold at auction by Amtrak earlier this year.
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    Wi Fi on CONO?

    I did a round trip from DC to Chicago last month. Westbound on the Cap and eastbound on the Cardinal. The Cap did not have WiFi, but the Cardinal had it all the way. I was surprised the Cardinal had it given the terrain in WV and the signal was very good.
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    The Cardinal Train # 51 & 50, meals?

    Yes, the last time I rode it(last November) that was how it was configured. The BC car was also the sleeper dining car.
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    New Senators Letter to Anderson

    Nice! Glad to see the Senate putting pressure on Amtrak to keep the National Network and explain their motives.
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    Next cut: Amtrak Dome Car Ocean View (??)

    I saw it go through Chesterton, IN this morning on the Lake Shore. So it should be in Chicago now. Probably will be added to Hoosier tonight or Monday.