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    Texas Eagle Website

    Just a reminder the website: is still great site for information related to traveling on this train.
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    A letter to Amtrak's new CEO by Senator Steve Daines

    To the Rail Passengers Council & Board, I wanted to share a letter Rail Passengers staff developed with Senator Steve Daines (R-MT)concerning Amtrak's recent announcement that they will be reducing all the long-distance service to three times per week and suspending a quarter of state-supported...
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    Future of Air Travel

    The pandemic has thrown the airlines into a financial abyss that some will not survive. For the next year or so I suspect most of us will have some degree of hesitation to jumping back on the silver birds. Prior to this crisis air travel was exploding but approaching a comfort limit with...
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    Not Riding Just Watching

    So with the shutdown , I slipped off with friend to sit at the San Antonio station for take out lunch and watched the freight trians roll by. Amtrak trains only arrive and depart between 9pm and 7am. All was not lost as we discussed how to modify the current undersized station, where we could...
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    The Man in Seat 61

    For those not familiar with this writer, he has an absolute amazing website with knowledge of virtually every passenger rail service in the world. If you are thinking about taking a train trip outside the USA, this is where you should begin your research.
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    Progress is being made in gaining support from various Texas cities served by the Sunset.  Since September 2018 we have gathered supporting resolutions from Jefferson Cty Judge (Beaumont), Mayor of Houston, San Antonio City council, Del Rio Mayor and county judge, Del Rio chamber of Commerce...
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    Texas Eagle #21 is taking it on the chin

    Eagle arrival in San Antonio has been 10+ hrs late at least three times since mid October.  Various reason of course. Then again you can see a sunrise in Austin instead of a sunset.
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    Rail Passenger Association Campaign for Funding, PTC Exceptions,

    Rail Passenger Association Board of Directors has announced a new specific campaign dealing with current critical Amtrak issues. This campaign is in response to Amtrak’s recent announcement to discontinue all trains where Positive Train Controls will not be operational by the end of this year...
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    Conductor's Punchers

    Next time you ride Amtrak ask you conductor if he or she has a punch. If so ask if they would punch something for you.
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    Texas Eagle to Alamo-a short walk

    Coming home Monday on Texas Eagle I met two couples who live on the opposite side of the country, Vermont and Southern California. They asked about the possibility of walking over to the Alamo since their connection to Sunset on train #421 was still two hour away. Begin a good Texan I walked...
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    Dallas Union Station - Early Closures

    There have been several on-line postings about the Dallas station closing down at 5:30 PM and shutting out passengers. I was there yesterday and discussed this with both an Amtrak employee and security guard. Bottom line is that Amtrak passengers who can show valid ticket reservations are...
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    Temple Texas Group

    Does anyone have the schedule for the Temple railroad meetings? Hours? Thinking about riding up and back on Amtrak.
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    Amtrak 21 detour

    Appears it is taking a slightly different route back from Longview via Corsicana to Hearne today. Delay outside of Longview due to freight incident may be cause. Track my train shows its route.
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    Developers of Denver and Seattle stations

    Article in this week's San Antonio news blog announced sale of several blocks of property surrounding our historic Sunset station. There was implication that station may be included (to be confirmed). This would be good news if new real estate company has the ability to transform our station...
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    Best way to transfer between Boston North and South stations

    Google show a combination walk and Orange line, but walk is shown as only 0.3 mile. Looking at map walking distance to Orange line looks much longer.
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    Texas Central Rail - Proposed Routes

    The high speed rail company, TCR have published detail alignment maps showing possible routes from Dallas to Houston, county by county. Notes some are very slow to load (on my machine). Here is link: Getting into Dallas from south is not to...
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    Sunset Limited to/from San Antonio

    Appears Amtrak has positioned trainset here to begin service starting Sunday morning for #1.
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    Three day visit to Alpine, TX

    Spent three days in Alpine visiting both elected and business leaders talkin about their three day a week Amtrak service. Community has been very active in letting Washington know not only do they need Amtrak but they also want daily service. We stayed at Holland Hotel just across the street...
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    Alpine, TX

    Tuesday I attended their celebration for the rehabbed Amtrak station. Has new ADA platform. More improvements still needed which are recognized by both Amtrak and the city. Stayed at Holland hotel across street; can recommend especially if you don't mind hearing some train during night...
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    Bridge fire west of San Antonio disrupts Sunset Ltd servicd

    Fire on wooden bridge last night puts line out of service. About a third of 100 ft. bridge destroyed/removed. Cause of fire unknown. Crews active with good access on low water crossing.