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  1. white rabbitt

    The Great Locomotive Chase

    The Great Locomotive Chase will be shown on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) with no commercial interruptions on Thursday July 2,2015 at 11:15PM to 12:51AM. Directed by: Francis D. Lyon. Starring Fess Parker, Jeffrey Hunter, Jeff York,John Lupton, Eddie Firestone, Kenneth Tobey. True story of...
  2. white rabbitt

    Detroit-Windsor Train Tunnel

    good video for everyone to watch
  3. white rabbitt

    sarah will we ever see detroit-windsor train service

    sarah there is a tunnel so why not trains to windsor
  4. white rabbitt

    Mea Copa

    I feel like i let ya'll down, and i feel like a traitor to jim hudson, and sarah z, and everyone else i am sorry i could not afford the 800 dollars, for my royal oak-austin round trip so i took the coward's way out, i bought a cheap round trip, on US air for $292.00 i love amtrak, and i...
  5. white rabbitt

    austin 2014

    if anyone is in a christmas blessing mood and has extra points they can donate to me i would be grateful, i need to get points for my amtrak trip to austin in april, thank u larry melton
  6. white rabbitt

    what happened to auntie gail's thread

    austie gail had a thread 10 tips for riding amtrak clean one i went to post in it and it was gone why what happened,
  7. white rabbitt

    how do i post a photo into a thread

    i tryed 52 times and failed HELP
  8. white rabbitt

    EB Question

    i read that the eb is split going to seattle does the main train go to seattle, and 3 or 4 cars go to spokane at the split?
  9. white rabbitt

    Austin--Royal oak the adventure home

    well monday the 29th i packed up and got a cab to amtrak, i was sitting in the depot when in walks jim hudson a AU member he was on a points run to taylor, he gave a women some info about amtrak and AGR, i went straight to the diner for breakfast, it was last call, jim reminded me and...
  10. white rabbitt

    Royal Oak- Austin part one

    i left royal oak at 605 am on the wolverine heading to chicago, when we arrived in kalamazoo, the train got faster, the conducter on the wolverine scanned my ticket, go to chicago 10 minites late, but it was so cold i had the red cap take me to the metro lounge were i stayed till they...
  11. white rabbitt

    detroit passenger trains in the 60's and 70's

    i had no idea detroit had that meny trains going in and out of detroit
  12. white rabbitt

    Clinton-Blue line chicago subway

    i have a 3 hour layover wednesday from the time the wolverine gets into union station and the Texas Eagle leaves, i want to get the subway the clinton blueline to lasalle one stop away how close is that to union station
  13. white rabbitt

    family bedroom vs superliner bedroom

    i was on the amtrak website looking at the Texas Eagle, the family bedroom was $398 chicago-austin the superliner bedroom was - $569 chicago -austin, i thought the family bedroom was spose to cost more anybody have any idea why,
  14. white rabbitt

    world famous/infamous miss polly

    can someone direct me to the thread that featured the world famous miss polly
  15. white rabbitt

    the Metropolitan Lounge union station

    here is my question i have a sleeper from chicago to austin on the texas eagle in april if i go to the public libary and print the pdf e ticket will they give u trouble getting in
  16. white rabbitt

    Can i Do This

    here is my question i have enough points for a round trip one zone chicago--austin coach now afrer i book my round trip i plan on ' upgrading my ticket by buying a roomette round trip that way' my only cost is the roomette and i have a 200 dollar credit from amtrak so i can use it for one...
  17. white rabbitt

    trip report royal oak-ann arbor rt yesterday

    i took the morning wolverine from royak oak to ann arbor we left at 605am boarded got my bisiness class seat they took our tickets gave us a ny times and told us when they got to derborn that we could get a drink the snack bar guy made the worst tasteing coffee on the planet lol cant...
  18. white rabbitt

    Thing's i learned riding on the Texas Eagle

    first after having a roomette i would never want to go coach, i am a coffee drinker, with my roomette the SCA allways has a fresh pot of coffee brewing in coach it would cost a small fortune buying coffee 5 or more times a day at the cafe. 2-the meals are free in a roomette, i could never...