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  1. amamba

    NPR story on the Southwest Chief

    I was listening to NPR this morning and there was an interesting story about the SWC. Here is a link to anyone who would like to listen to it as well.
  2. amamba

    Newspapers discontinued as of August 17 - Acela/NER

    I was just looking at some NEC fares when I noticed a service alert. I clicked on it and it said that the newspapers in Acela FC and regional BC would be eliminated starting August 17. In their place, customers will have full access to the digital versions of these papers through amtrak connect...
  3. amamba

    Acela train saved by MBTA

    Full story here: An acela lost power and got stranded near PVD. The folks on board were evacuated to an MBTA commuter near train via gangplank. Which is sort of...
  4. amamba

    S+ for 2015

    So I have just done the math and my H will have EXACTLY 10,000 TQP for 2014. That is enough for his S+ continuance, right? Or does he need 10,001? If it is 10,000, he should get a prize for hitting it exactly on the nail! :)
  5. amamba

    Redcap at PVD today

    Someone mentioned redcaps at RTE on a recent post. I boarded 195 and I noted a redcap at PVD this morning. She was helping guests up in the station by the baggage window, and then she took a customer down to the platform and put her bags into 195 for her.
  6. amamba

    signal problems today?

    My H is stuck on the 2250, south of NHV, apparently they are having signal problems with metro north. What is their deal? Are they still doing weekend track work? At least he is in the FC car and drinking dogfish head.
  7. amamba

    Hiawatha question

    My friend is asking for advice regarding the Hiawatha. It appears that it is unreserved in coach - can anyone verify? She isn't sure what train she will take leaving chi. If it's unreserved should she book ticket for later train or earlier train? Can she just board with incorrect e-ticket or...
  8. amamba

    Disconnect between reality & amtrak marketing

    So I noticed today that the folks at amtrak posted what - on its surface is - a fairly innocuous tweet. But the burger isn't available for dinner, right? If you click on the link in the tweet, it brings you to this page:
  9. amamba

    question re: scanners & pax manifest

    Hi - I have a question about the manifest that is in the scanners/iPhones that the conductors carry. My H was on the regional home today and the scanner portion of the device wasn't working, so the conductors were looking up all names. They got to my H, who has a monthly pass, and asked him for...
  10. amamba

    question re: companion passes

    So my H has companion passes that he got for S+. If he buys a BC ticket on acela, can I use the companion pass for that? (ie, we both travel in BC on acela) To make things crazy - can he then use an upgrade coupon on his fare to FC and can I then pay the accomodation charge to upgrade to FC...
  11. amamba

    Around the world train trip

    Anyone else see this article? This journey only costs $36,000! :)
  12. amamba

    Cross country: CS to CZ to LSL ( SEA - BOS)

    I'm in SAC right now in the midst of my trip. Had an amazing attendant on the CS who was on a training trip. He had so much energy and enthusiasm. I also had my first trip in the trans-dorm which I didn't mind. Full report with pictures on my blog at
  13. amamba

    How early at Station prior to departure

    When you ride a train and board where the train originates, how early do you like to arrive? Personally for me, if I'm in a location with a lounge, I like to arrive about an hour before departure. I sit in the lounge, check out the materials on hand, and hopefully board early with a redcap. If...
  14. amamba

    Help with LD trip plans

    Ok so I presently have my upcoming trip all reserved and I am so excited. I am departing SEA on Monday, 3/24, connecting to the CZ in SAC on 3/25. Then in CHI I am taking the Cardinal on 3/27 (no overnight in CHI). I had originally booked the Cardinal to NYP and was going to spend the night at...
  15. amamba

    amtrak portrayals in tv/film

    I know the topic often comes up when amtrak/train travel is portrayed in tv and movies. I was flipping through the channels this afternoon when I happened upon the episode of "sex and the city" when Samantha and Carrie take the train from NYC to California. It is kind of hilarious. While there...
  16. amamba

    active revenue management

    So I am taking a weekend trip to NYC the first weekend in February. I have been watching the prices, and I bought acela tix for Sunday 2/2 about three weeks ago, but they were on the high side - $185 to RTE. I look today - acela is down to $109 (low bucket) for the trip I want, and the...
  17. amamba

    help me pick next routing

    Hi folks - I am planning my next trip for March 2014 with AGR points. I have enough to do a three zone 1 way in a roomette, and it will most likely be a solo trip. I am going to SEA. I have already done LSL - SWC - CS out there (westbound) and my most recent eastbound trip I did EB - LSL. I...
  18. amamba

    95 cancelled on Thanksgiving

    Interesting. I booked H on 95 from PVD - TRE on Thanksgiving day. He just got an email that it was cancelled. Why?! Low ridership maybe? Now I am annoyed because everything is at high bucket for the day before thanksgiving. If I had known 95 wasn't going to be running, I could have booked him...
  19. amamba

    Recommend stop/town on CZ

    My H's grandparents - who are in their 80s - want to take the CZ. However the want to break up the trip with one night on the train, one night off, then the second night. The will be traveling west-bound. So suggest a good place - city or town - for them to stop. :)
  20. amamba

    3 day fare sale

    Sale on the NEC this week...