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  1. Ziv

    Can the Boring Company improve the NEC?

    Musk announced recently that the Boring Company had reduced the price of tunneling from $1Bn a mile to $10Mn for a 1.14 mile section of tunnel. It is kind of apples to oranges since the tunnels he was comparing to were larger (28'?) than the 14' bore that Godot produces, which when finished...
  2. Ziv

    The choices for the new Long Bridge for VA Rail/Amtrak have narrowed t

    Not sure how many different agencies and organizations were at the meeting Thursday night, but they appear to have narrowed the choices from 5 to 2. Both call for increasing the 2 rail tracks between L'Enfant (LE) and Rosslyn (RO) interlocking to 4 tracks. The only difference is one plan calls...
  3. Ziv

    DC to Baltimore MagLev one step closer to approval?

    I thought this was way down on the "maybe someday" list, but WTOP seems to think that the funding is mostly in place and that this 15 minute from DC to Baltimore MagLev train is actually going to happen. It accelerates to 300+ mph in just 3 minutes and may make just one stop at BWI. It is...
  4. Ziv

    Chances of getting my roomette downstairs (#13) moved upstairs?

    I got what I think is a really good deal from DC to Williston for next month, just $458 for coach on the Cap Limited to Chicago plus a roomette from Chicago to Williston on the Empire Builder. I am pretty stoked for the trip to start, but I ended up being assigned #13 and when I did a search on...
  5. Ziv

    Amsnag newby question.

    I am thinking about changing my flight from DC to Billings Montana to a trip via the Capital Limited and the Empire Builder to Williston and then renting a car. I don't mind the first night in Coach but I will be taking a roomette on the Builder. I think I know the answer is "both" but Amsnag is...
  6. Ziv

    Empire Builders On-time?

    I just checked on the status of the EB's because I am thinking about using it to get to Malta in May, and I was surprised to see that 2 are on time, one is 1 minute late, and 1 (#7) is 12 minutes late out of Minot. Have the severe delays been reduced frequently or is this a one off that I can't...
  7. Ziv

    Will freight trains obstruct Amtrak more as Amtrak speeds up?

    Are most freight trains still limited to 79 mph? Will they form rolling backups even more effectively as more and more sections of Amtrak see speed limits rise to 95 mph or, maybe, even 110 mph? Would double tracking more areas be enough to minimize the interference or would it work better for...