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  1. TylerP42

    Shortest/Cheapest rides in Amtrak

    Hello all, after taking San Diego Santa Fe Depot to San Diego Old Town Transit Center, which was a 6 minute ride costing $3, I'd like to try to compile a list of the shortest/cheapest rides in the system. If you have one, please post below. Also what was the shortest and cheapest (before...
  2. TylerP42

    Tamales on Surfliner Cafe menu

    Today I noticed (and purchased) tamales on the Surfliner Menu. They are 4 dollars per tamale, and are microwaved. They aren't bad. Authentically made, but the flavor is a bit lost with the microwaving. Are they exclusive to Surfliner? Or the West Coast? The cafe car attendant told me they are...
  3. TylerP42

    Is it possible to book Chicago-LA Via Texas Eagle?

    Hey friends! I am trying to see if it's possible to book Chicago-LA via the Texas Eagle. Just to see if it was possible, I suppose. Maybe a future trip if I can save some money and have the time. Whenever I try booking it, it never gives me the option. Only gives me the option to take the...
  4. TylerP42

    Hoosier State tickets sales suspended for after June 30

    It seems like there may be an end to the Hoosier State coming. Ticket sales for after June 30th have been suspended. More info will be added as it becomes available. Link :
  5. TylerP42

    France to Germany

    Hey train travelers! Has anyone taken a train from France to Germany? My brother would like to travel and wants to know how to get good deals/travel costs.
  6. TylerP42

    49 service disruption 4/11/17

    Amtrak 49 encountered a service disruption just past Erie, PA. Appears to be (from word of mouth) an issue with a coach car that had to be dropped. Estimated around 3 hours late as of 7:03 AM EST.
  7. TylerP42

    91 (Silver Star, 3/14) Not stopping at Tampa or Lakeland

    I am currently on 91. It was stated that passengers going to Tampa or Lakeland disembark at Orlando and take a shuttle to those destinations. No explanation given. Does anyone know why?
  8. TylerP42

    Toledo to DC then to Florida!

    Hey guys! I'm already two (three) days in, but I'm going to start posting my daily vlogs from this trip I am taking to DC, then to Florida. Here's the first day's video: And the Day 2 Video! : This trip...
  9. TylerP42

    20,000 Miles on Amtrak!

    Hey guys! So in lieu of a travelogue, I made a vlog documenting my trip to Chicago, where I hit 20,000 miles ridden on Amtrak! Here's the link: Please Watch, Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
  10. TylerP42

    First Amtrak website

    If anyone was interested in seeing the first , here it is, from 1995/1996: The first to have reservations online was in 1997:
  11. TylerP42

    Silver Star and the Silver Meteor

    Alright guys, In March I will be visiting a very special person in Florida, and I have the amazing opportunity to ride the Silver Star and the Silver Meteor for the first time! (Well, I rode the Star once - but for about 15 miles). I will be riding the Star down, and the Meteor back up...
  12. TylerP42

    Lake Shore Limited Business Class

    Lake Shore Limited's buisness class was completely empty this morning at Toledo. When I went, it was me and 1 other person between Chicago and Toledo. To quote an employee: "It's a waste of time, money, and space" So, how do you think this will go over? There were probably over 100 people...
  13. TylerP42

    Joe Boardman recognized on AMTK 42

    Joe Boardman's name has been added to Amtrak's P42DC #42. Pic from Ryan Riddle in Facebook group "Old Dominion Railfans"
  14. TylerP42

    Chicago Union Station: Burlington Room

    The old women's rest room in the Great Hall is getting rennovated. The new space will be called the "Burlington Room" and will be a place to house events and a great rental space. Pics of where it's at if you're not sure. Will reach out to contacts for more information.
  15. TylerP42

    Toledo Amtrak Station Improvements

    Toledo's Amtrak Station has finished the following improvements: Bus terminals infront of entrance for Greyhound Greyhound desk Subway restaraunt (not 24 hours) Yet to be completed: Platform upgrade to ADA compliance/safety upgrades/resurfacing New parking lot for greyhound/half of the...
  16. TylerP42

    Very late 49 today (21 June 2016)

    Today's Lake Shore Limited west is currently about 2 and a half hours late due to a bad ordered Coach that had to be dropped off and replaced at Albany.
  17. TylerP42

    Michigan service: two strikes in one day.

    Apparently 353 (Wolverine) yesterday (5/22) first had a pedestrian strike then later a biker strike. Please pray for those involved. One of my conductor friends was there and I hope he is doing alright.
  18. TylerP42

    Amtrak Ocean View

    Amtrak's Ocean View is in the Chicago Yard per sources and photographs.
  19. TylerP42

    The Big Apple: A lifelong dream come true

    It's been awhile since I went - January, in fact, but I've decided to post about my adventure to New York City to the OTOL NYC Railfest. (this happened in the past - I'd just rather not dump all the info at once) Obviously, there are parts that I have totally forgotten. I apologize, I haven't...
  20. TylerP42

    AMTK Locomotive 66 Hit semi and damaged

    Link to FB, Joliet Fire Dept. Extensive damage to side, leaking fluids, front, broken windshields and ditch lights. 3rd wreck 66 has been involved in.