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  1. Cho Cho Charlie

    Delray Station Fire

    Delray Beach station destroyed by four teen arsons. Amtrak Silver Meteor and Silver Star trains stopped at the station
  2. Cho Cho Charlie

    Amtrak in Allentown PA?

    This afternoon, I passed a bus that in the front signage, up over the windshield, had the Amtrak name and logo displayed. Would an Amtrak bus do a one-off private charter? An Amtrak bus that is really lost?
  3. Cho Cho Charlie


    I thought I would give a reference to a new (?) bus service out west. Its a Sleeper bus. My intention here, is to highlight the design. I would think it could be easily adapted to single level passenger trains...
  4. Cho Cho Charlie

    Philly 30th Street Station -- NJ Transit ???

    We have been to the 30th Street Station many, many times over the years for Amtrak, and even ventured onto SEPTA a couple of times from there, but where in the station is NJ Transit located? I don't remember even, ever, seeing any signs, but I would not have been looking for such either...
  5. Cho Cho Charlie

    Family Guy

    Did anyone here catch the new episode of Family Guy that aired 5/8/16? Peter makes a derogatory comment about Amtrak's poor safety record, and typical of the show, Peter then breaks the four wall and offers a legal defense of that comment by listing all the accidents Amtrak has had. While just...
  6. Cho Cho Charlie

    Disaster City

    I don't know how many of you all watch Jeopardy!, but one of last night's (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) categories was "Disaster City". Basically, a place were law enforcement and first responder can train for events like Train Wrecks. The picture of Amtrak cars tossed about caught my...
  7. Cho Cho Charlie

    Account Merged/Credentials

    I got an email from Amtrak, saying that my Amtrak reservation account was merged with the Amtrak Guest Rewards account, and that from now on, my one common logon will be with my AGR account name and password.
  8. Cho Cho Charlie

    Amtrak coming to Lehigh Valley next spring?

    Well, once. :D Passenger rail coming to Lehigh Valley next spring sort of
  9. Cho Cho Charlie

    Pope's visit to Philadelphia and Amtrak's 30th Street Station

    Has anyone heard or read about any plans for the 30th Street Station during the Pope's visit to Philly? I have read lots about SEPTA, rail, and highways, streets, and bridges, but could not find a word about the Amtrak station.
  10. Cho Cho Charlie

    What's in a name?

    I was just reading an article about the high-end accommodations being added onto new A380 and B787 planes. For those of us familiar to Amtrak, such looks a lot like sleeper bedrooms and roomettes, though I must admit, with higher-end finishes (leather) and still that brand-new look. However...
  11. Cho Cho Charlie

    CNN: Chasing hope on the railways A collection of photo essays. Click on the set that marked with this image, for Chasing Hope on the Railways.
  12. Cho Cho Charlie

    Flipped around pricing

    I am starting to think of next year's vacation, and thought would check to see the current prices on the Silvers to Orlando. I put into the website for 2 adults, on February 12, 2014 and found this: Silver Star 2 coach $574 1 roomette $479 Silver Meteor 2 coach $258...
  13. Cho Cho Charlie

    Pennsylvanian may end

    Allentown's Morning Call, 2/5/2013, page 9 (can't find an online version of this, yet, on their site). Some highlights: "State must decide by the fall whether it's worth an estimated $5.7 million to subsidize service." "PennDOT spokeswoman... noted that it is much faster to drive between the...
  14. Cho Cho Charlie

    Chicago Union Station
  15. Cho Cho Charlie

    Amtrak employees failing drug, alcohol tests at alarming rate

    You can read the story here: Report: Amtrak employees failing drug, alcohol tests at alarming rate
  16. Cho Cho Charlie

    eTicket points.... how long to post?

    Its been a month since my trip on the NE regional and on Acela. It was my first trip with the new eTickets. My AGR account still doesn't show my points for that rail trip. I had assumed that with eTickets, such would show up within days. How long should I wait, before inquiring? BTW, the...
  17. Cho Cho Charlie

    Illuminating an American railroad

    Just a link to an interesting photo essay on CNN's website. Illuminating an American railroad
  18. Cho Cho Charlie

    Paying balance at Quik-Trak machine?

    I had to change my travel plans, and with that, cancel my original reservation and make a new one. My new reservations ended up costing me an additional $13.50. The agent told me I could just pay the $13.50 at the station on my day of travel. In thinking about this after I got off the...
  19. Cho Cho Charlie

    Next Generation Sleepers?

    I was watching this video on CNN, and was wondering even though this is on-board an airplane, whether these designs could positively influence the next generation of rail sleepers. What do you think? Would you enjoy a sleeper roomette or bedroom that looked like these...
  20. Cho Cho Charlie

    Covert Affairs on USA

    Did anyone else watch last week's episode of Covert Affairs on the USA cable channel? The one CIA agent, and the girl, attempt to sneak out of the country by taking an Amtrak train to Montreal. What I noted.... The Amtrak train number was 4-digits... 3,000-something. The Amtrak train went...