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    AGR Dept. "Temporarily Closed"?

    i just called agr to see what message i would get. when i aksed "julie" for an agent then i got the "temporarily closed" message. though it looked like one could still make an automated reservation but i didn't try.
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    3-day sale on reward travel

    we booked a roomette for 2 from portland to santa barbara rt for 28,514 pts. for next february with the promotion. good deal.
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    Right now, July 2020, may be the ‘sweet spot’ for booking Amtrak travels.

    got an e-mail about an agr sale and just booked portland to santa barbara for 2 in a roomette for next february for 28,514 pts round trip. be a new world with a new president by then
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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    for years we have amassed agr points with the agr credit card. have gone for a lot of wonderful trips using points. the other day i was getting gas and used my costco citi card with the 4% gasoline rebate. i think the agr card may slip to the back of the wallet given the continual downgrades...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion
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    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    i just looked at the glacier park lodge website and the lodge will not open this year
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    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    thanks. that is the piece i have been waiting for. does it mean glacier park lodge won't open this year also?
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    Amtrak Website Not User Friendly....

    i have been trying to do a simple reservation with senior discount. not user friendly
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    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    i know whether to travel at this time is discussed in the main covid-19 thread but the wife and i were looking at going from spokane to east glacier park in coach in very early july. an 8 hour trip. we are both seniors. we would stay a night at glacier park lodge and return by train the next...
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    VIA suspends overnight trains

    March 13, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. In light of the recent measures being taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), VIA Rail’s overnight trains (Toronto-Vancouver and Montreal-Halifax) have been cancelled beginning March 13, 2020. These trains will not be operating from March 13 to...
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    AGR Bonus Points

    i got an offer for 2k points if i put $1k on the card by the end of april. should be doableo_O
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    27 breakfast SPK-PDX

    no more boxed breakfast spk-pdx. now, we have a continental breakfast that is even worse than the old box meal. jimmy dean rubberized sandwich, yogurt, cereal bar. 3 item limit. if this is what is offered on the eastern trains i see why folks are unhappy
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    5,000 points awarded 1/31/20, for what??

    i got the 5000 on 1/31 for adding an extra user to my b of a amtrak credit card back in november or december(whenever they had that promotion on)
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    Status of Amtrak Status Maps - dixielandsoftware

    thanks for all your work,john
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    America’s Lost Railroad Cuisine - A Newly Digitized Menu Collection

    thanks much for the link to the collection
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    I didn't post it but you can sure quote me on it
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    Amtrak Closed San Francisco Ticket Office Oct 28th, 2019

    since you can't in any convenient way get to sf from the north via amtrak and must bus across the bay from emeryville, which in my experience many people do, it seems to me that amtrak could staff a stop in sf. in
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    Trumps Amtrak..

    pretty good. increasing the segregation of the hoi polloi in coach.
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    earn 1 point for every dollar spent on automatic payments

    got an agr email today which says you get 1 point for every dollar spent on automatic payments made with the amtrak mastercard. i already get 1 agr point per dollar spent on recurring payments and everything else. does this mean i will get 2 points per dollar spent on recurring payments...