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  1. flying_babyb

    Bring a packed tent on Amtrak?

    So I'm taking the train from chi to mke. I plan to continue my journey to the northwoods for some camping. Can I bring a small tent, all packed up in the tent bag on amtrak?
  2. flying_babyb

    train trip to canada?

    SO 14 hrs by car,, 12 by train. We want to go up to Niagara Falls. Just currious is this a nice trip to do? Also how do we get around once we get there? Is there public transit?
  3. flying_babyb

    mke problem!

    Is there someplace that we can store our baggage? We have sleepers from chicago to dc the same day. Amtrack changed our bus so we have a two hr layover. IS there places to eat nearby? Its going to be 8am and the kids (teens) will have been up since 4. I dont wanna deal with crabby kids so food...
  4. flying_babyb

    Cardinal 50 and 29 Capitol

    What stated will we go though? Do they both go through all the same ones? We will be doing Milwaukee to Chicago then Chicago to Washington DC.
  5. flying_babyb

    Cardinal 50 roomettes and 29 Capitol superliner bedrooms

    we have roomettes 3, 5, 6 on the train from chicago to dc. Are these good rooms? Close to water? I drink almost a gallon a day. Are they likely to be close to the front or back? On the way back we have c,d,e Are these good rooms? Close to water? I drink almost a gallon a day. Are they likely...
  6. flying_babyb

    motion sickness?

    so I cant read on the bus or play with my phone cause I get a headache and nations from the motion. I get sick on boats, get sick reading in the car (or playing on phone). Now the question: Will I have to worry about getting motion sick reading on my tablet on the train? I did a short trip from...
  7. flying_babyb

    layover in Milwaukee and Chicago

    ok help! you guys rock at this stuff. We have layovers. The first is 2.5 hours in the milukee intermodal station which is fine, but on the way back it 3 hrs. Is there anything near by to do? Also: Chicago 5 hr layover on the way to dc. Were doing rainforest cafe for lunch but what else can...
  8. flying_babyb

    tipping? meals?

    family of 5 spread amonst 3 roomettes. What does one tip? We will be on from Chicago to DC, What about tippping at meals? Also at meals can a family of 5 sit together? we cram nicely into one booth at IHop! 3 adults and two teens if it matters
  9. flying_babyb

    sleeping and shoes?

    I dont know why but i was thinking about this today. Do you sleep barefoot? In sneakers? or something else? I dont think i could sleep barefoot on the train, i would worry I would need to get up in the night. We have roomettes if it matters.
  10. flying_babyb

    upper bunk for storage?

    family of 5 traving in 3 roomettes. Can we use the top bunk (aka the extra one) for storage of luggage? Would love to be able to stash our carryons on the empty bunk
  11. flying_babyb


    So how bad are the pillows? Im just currious if I should bring my own, if so anyone got a reccomedation for a nice packable one (I HATE travel sized pillows, just got rid of the 5 camp ones)
  12. flying_babyb


    I'm a late night paperback reader when I cant sleep. Hows the lighting on the top bunk? Im used to reading in semi low light. Also is there a outlet up there? I tend to do podcasts too
  13. flying_babyb

    Best blanket for travel

    So were taking a long trip (green bay- dc) i know that mke to Chicago was really cold. I know that amtrack provided bedding but I'm always freezing. What blanket would you recommend? I'm looking for warm and compact.
  14. flying_babyb

    Superliner stairs?

    So ere on the second floor (upper level?) . how are the stairs designed? are they regular stairs or ship stairs (you know like navy ship). Im just worried cause my mothers balance sucks and we will have luggage to lug up too.
  15. flying_babyb

    DC Hotel

    any suggestions for a hotel on the metro that sleeps 5?
  16. flying_babyb

    Cardinal 50 roomettes and 29 Capitol superliner bedrooms

    Anyone got a nice diagram to show where these rooms are? I saw one on here awile ago. We got veiwliner roomettes 3,5,6 and on the capitol bedrooms cde. Just currious where they are and if there good or bad rooms!
  17. flying_babyb

    Luggage Storage at Chicago Union Station?

    we have a 5 hr layover and were thinking of going to rainforest cafe. Is there some place to leave our luggage at union station in chicago? It would be 5 carryons
  18. flying_babyb

    sleeper questions?

    ok odd situation: There are 5 of us going on a train trip from chicago to DC. Two adults that are 55, Me (31) and two teens (16,15). So when I try to book a family bedroom with all 5 of us it tells me there sold out. if I do 4 of us, then theres a room. We would need 3 viewliner bedrooms...