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  1. Samsbigtrip

    Superliner personnel

    So far I've come across these 'Titles' in the fora, but in another thread it seems that these titles are handed out according to how many posts the person makes! I'm confused ;-) Sleeping Car Attendant Conductor OBS Chief Attendant Lead Train Attendant Train Attendant Service Attendant What...
  2. Samsbigtrip

    Acronyms and TLAs!

    As a newcomer to Amtrak for the trip of my lifetime I see a lot of acronyms and TLSs (two or three letter abbreviations) in these fora! I've worked out that an SCA is a Sleeping Car Attendant but is there a definitive list anywhere or would you like to add any you know of below? Thanks :-)
  3. Samsbigtrip

    Empire Builder Superliner Roomette - power and charging sockets

    Good afternoon from a very wet and windy Wiltshire in the UK! I am travelling from Seattle to Chicago in May - big bucket list item tick - with the usual electronics - phone, Kindle, ear-buds, laptop, hairdryer and so on and wonder if I right in thinking there is only one socket in a Roomette...
  4. Samsbigtrip

    Luggage at King Street Station, Seattle

    Good evening (or morning, depending on where you are in the world!) I know there was a thread about this some years ago, but does anyone have current info about the possibility of leaving my luggage at King Street Station early on the morning of my 4.40pm train to Chicago? Two alternatives: (1)...