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    Texas Eagle Website

    Just a reminder the website: is still great site for information related to traveling on this train.
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    A letter to Amtrak's new CEO by Senator Steve Daines

    To the Rail Passengers Council & Board, I wanted to share a letter Rail Passengers staff developed with Senator Steve Daines (R-MT)concerning Amtrak's recent announcement that they will be reducing all the long-distance service to three times per week and suspending a quarter of state-supported...
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    Amtrak Website Not User Friendly....

    Lost of being unable to pull up full train schedule is unbelievable. But since the airline clan is in charge I guess this is their view of how we travel; just point to point. I have also discovered if you use Safari you encounter some problems which do not occur when using google. hard to say...
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    Booking website

    On a similar subject, I'm a little upset with how long the Amtrak app takes to boot up on my phone, are others having similar experience?
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    Future of Air Travel

    This would be a good group to sit around with and have this discussion face to face with appropriate refreshments
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    Future of Air Travel

    The pandemic has thrown the airlines into a financial abyss that some will not survive. For the next year or so I suspect most of us will have some degree of hesitation to jumping back on the silver birds. Prior to this crisis air travel was exploding but approaching a comfort limit with...
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    Not Riding Just Watching

    I've seen that construction. appears it will take forever. Found myself over the past weeks trying to see how many rail cams I can pull up and score a view of passing trains. For change of pace I try to see how many web cams I can view over two hour period just to see various Amtrak trains...
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    Not Riding Just Watching

    Interest, I'm here watching York and Crewe stations in England
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    Not Riding Just Watching

    So with the shutdown , I slipped off with friend to sit at the San Antonio station for take out lunch and watched the freight trians roll by. Amtrak trains only arrive and depart between 9pm and 7am. All was not lost as we discussed how to modify the current undersized station, where we could...
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    #2 Detour Today 2/7/20 Between Houston & Beaumont?

    If this is the old MP line over Lake Houston it is not a detour. they usually run directionally east bound on MP line via Sour Lake. west bound is old SP via Dayton. To get access to MP line Amtrak has to do an interesting back-up move some 3 miles after leaving station
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    Video: Amtrak Train Strikes Car on the NEC.

    I have on my phone emergency phone numbers for RR servicing my area. Ill call them first if need be.
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    San Antonio, TX

    all above hotels are close are good recommendations. there is also a red roof inn about 3 blocks away. well lite but isolated streets; also a relative new one called City View is also close, looks nice just don't know anything about it. Hotel prices are very sensitive to major events and...
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    that is our team
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    I've covered the 900 miles in Texas from Beaumont to El Paso with great results. My fellow RPA members in Palm Springs are not having much luck to date, so if you have any connections please let me know. Have emailed Louisiana RPA organization (via their website) asking for help but have never...
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    all Aboard has already received support from Mayor of Tucson and several groups in Yuma. still nothing with Benson. From my experience large cities such as Phoenix take a very long time to move thru the chain tomcat support.
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    You have to respect UP's right to protect their investment. the cost to bring on additional passenger at the expense of line capacity should be examined and negotiated.
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    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    We have received additional supporting resolutions and letters from all seven communities served by the Sunset Limited plus numerous surrounding areas; 100%+! Now we enter phase 2 to push for funding to provide track capacity on UP line for increased passenger service.
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    The Man in Seat 61

    just google "man in seat 61" and you should get his website
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    The Man in Seat 61

    For those not familiar with this writer, he has an absolute amazing website with knowledge of virtually every passenger rail service in the world. If you are thinking about taking a train trip outside the USA, this is where you should begin your research.
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    Extended stop in TX

    there is a new place, Smokes, virtually at the north end of platform. Serves BBQ and has a bar. They welcome Amtrak passengers.